Joan of Arcadia 11/19, or Back to the Beginning

In a flashback show, as the Girardi’s are getting deposed for the lawsuit, we see what lead up to Kevin’s accident.

I’m excited about tonight’s show. It got 4 stars and a write up in the NY Post this morning.

Hey! You can’t post something like that and not provide a link!!!

Oops, Daily News :slight_smile: Sorry. Here

So, is lasagna Luke’s favorite meal? I’m guessing so, because that would explain why Luke acted the way he did when he saw the food.

kites are cool

Well, I didn’t need a tissue this time.

I loved how Helen went after Price. That was completely irresponsible of him, telling Joan she needed to apply to a community college because she had no future.

Interesting how when Joan was interacting with Stenographer God, that the lawyers seemed oblivious. Do you think God is suspending time or something?

I’m glad Luke got his kite, and Joan’s expression when she saw Luke and Grace kiss was priceless.

Lucy(fer) is a bit of a bitch, isn’t she?

Hopefully the lawsuit will be wrapped up next week.

I don’t get the hate for Lucy.

Of course, I love Annie Potts.

Yep, I have a secret little Annie crush.

I’ve been waiting for this one…Will be back later. Thank you for being so diligent with these threads, ivylass.

I thought this episode would be a letdown, but it wasn’t. It really got to me, in the end. Not the sturm and drang of the depositions, but the deal with Luke’s birthday. And when Grace tore up the confidentiality agreement, I got a bit of a lump in my throat.

It’s been a while but is Price the assistant principal from last season? I remember wondering what had happened to him a couple episodes back when some figure of authority came into Helen’s class and told her to remove the shellaced hamster. I would have thought Price (if it’s who I am thinking it is) would’ve/should’ve done it.

I’m glad he’s back… he’s Joan’s Kai Winn.

Did God say something about presents in the teaser? I missed it (damn traffic).

This was, again, another excellent episode. This show almost never disappoints me (have to stick that almost in there, ya know :p).

First, didn’t they do a great job of making Joan and Luke look two years younger?! I also liked how we got a chance to see the night of the accident from the point of view of each of the Girardi family–and it wasn’t really the typical “flashback” episode; it was more a “backstory” episode, imho.

Poor Luke! They forgot his birthday that year, then turned around and forgot this year as well. The look on Joan’s face as she witnessed the kiss between Luke and Grace was just priceless! AT is such a fantastic actress. :slight_smile:

The stenographer G-D interaction with Joan during her deposition showed the viewers the Time-Reality Distortion (tm of TWoP, I think!) for the first time, I think. The two lawyers didn’t appear to hear what was being said, nor did they seem to notice that any time had actually elapsed. It was just Joan and G-D. I’m thinking now that perhaps G-D “takes control” of the various avatars from time to time in order to speak with Joan; the rest of the time, they’re just “normal” every day folks. Don’t know if that’s how TPTB mean it to be viewed, but that’s what I’m thinking.

Am really looking forward to next week and Grace’s Bat Mitzvah! Love to see stories involving the second tier characters (not that Grace is second tier, she’s great!).

This is the first time I’ve got to watch the show in ages, and I’m glad I did. (My VCR’s broken and I’ve been busy on Friday nights recently.) This episode reminded me of why I like the show. The therapist can go jump in a lake, as far as I’m concerned. I had an appointment with one like him when I was in college, and I never went back because he gave me the impression he was strictly textbook. Trust me, if you’re reasonably intelligent (and Joan is, regardless of what she thinks), somewhat troubled, and you’re faced with one of these one-size-fits-all types, it does more harm than good.

There were a few other things which struck me. I can’t stand Friedman, but I was amused by his whole doing gymnastics business. Surely I’m not the only one who could see what was coming when he tried to get on the pommel horse! Ouch! :eek: Just one question, though. Where was the coach/gym teacher.

More importantly, I’m a bit bothered by Joan’s attitude toward college. It seems to me she hasn’t thought about what she wants, only about what Adam wants. That’s understandable enough, I suppose, but a bit dangerous. She could be setting herself up for a fall.

I also liked it when Joan went to a fortune-teller and, when God laid out the cards, they were all blank. The layout she used was, as far as I can tell, a classic Celtic Cross, one most people I know who work with tarot cards use for general readings. I could picture Joan thinking, “Oh no! I have no future!” but I like God’s point. We cannot control the future, only our actions in the present. The present’s what matters. The way friends of mine do the Celtic Cross layout, the card representing the outcome is saved for last, after the other cards have been read. The person the reading is for draws the outcome card and places it where he or she chooses. There’s also a card in the layout which represents one’s fears. One thing I’ve heard a friend of mine say time and time again is, “If you don’t like the outcome change your fears.” The outcome shows only possibility, not certainty, and we do have the ability to change things.

It was a neat show, showing the triviality of everyday life moments before tragedy hits. I like the difference between what Luke said he was watching and the reality of what was on television, but what got me was the ending. The contrast between the happy present with Luke flying a kite while the people he loves look on, and the past in which Kevin’s about to get into a car, betraying someone who loves him and driving into tragedy was a nice touch.

It was a good show. Now all I have to do is locate a cable so I can at least tape it! :grumble, grumble:


Yes, that’s what I thought as well. Joan looked at the lawyers and they didn’t see the “present” bit at all.

I also don’t get all the Lucy-hate. I see an inkling of where you might think she’s making a play for Will, but now I’m not so sure.

I especially don’t get the Lucy hate in the face of Helen’s horridness to her. Lucy was clearly making several attempts to connect with Helen (culminating in the very awkward “So I hear you’re religious” comment), but Helen had it in her head that she was going to hate Lucy no matter what. I really hated Helen in that moment, and how she wasn’t even attempting to hide her disdain.

I think Lucy isn’t very good with women because she’s living in a man’s world, and that Helen had a responsibility to at least be civil to the person her husband works for. But that’s just MHO. YMMV and all that.

and incidentally, I hate Annie Potts, so it’s not a transference thing. :slight_smile:

And a question…

In the beginning segment, after Joan gets in the car and tells her mom to “just drive,” the camera showed her reflected in the rearview mirror looking quite perturbed. Superimposed over her face was the sunlight reflected off… her throat? With a necklace? It made it almost look like she had one of the chains that go from a nose ring to an ear cuff, and it was there for so long that I thought it was supposed to be some kind of Big Hint. They’ve pulled weird camera angles/impositions before to really cool effect… was this one of those times, or am I reading too much into a lighting error?

I just finished watching it on tape (had to go out last night).

Enjoyable episode, more for the “B” plots than the “A” plot.

Luke and Grace were great, as always. I thought Joan should have had more of a drop-jawed expression rather than the “are they putting me on” look she had. But, it’s out in the open, now, and it will be interesting to see where they go with it.

I liked Helen’s “Thank you!” and smile when Price finally apologized – so nicey-nice just after she finished ripping him a new one… Also, Joan “flipping” Price off as she walked out of his office.

Can’t wait for next week.

…so is Price the asst Principal from last year or not? Anyone?

What should we call the God working in the high school office?

A good, solid one here, but I have to admit: I was gone for several days, was taping something else, and didn’t know how Judith had died. Could somebody fill me in? I will catch it on the rerun, but I just want to know. And what did God have to say to Joan about her friend’s death?

This ep. made me want to get my kites out of their box in the closet and fly them again!