Joan of Arcadia 2/25, Or Joan Hurts instead of Helping


While trying to help Stevie hook up with Friedman, Joan inadvertantaly uncovers a secret in Stevie’s past. If you’ve seen the promos, it looks like Stevie’s mother is arrested. Speculation here: Could Stevie have been kidnapped?

We’ll know by 9pm!

Yep, that’s what I’m thinking.

See you later!

I got in late, and turned it on just in time to hear Grace tell Adam that “you’ll have to ask your little friend in your pants”.

Fill me in, what was that in response to??? I’m dyin’ here!

Otherwise, pretty good strong episode. Pretty good Gods (A. Vatar?), the police segment was, for a change, actually related to the rest of the story, Kevin’s on-camera bit was both hilarious and moving, and the main plot was OK.

BrotherCadfael - Adam told Grace that he tried to get Joan to sleep with him and that Joan told her mom. He askes grace what he should do. Grace say “to her mom, you’re just another pimply pubescent horndog trying to get into her daughter’s pants.” Adam says, “how in the hell did this happen?” and that was Grace’s response.



The moment where Kevin’s electrical stimulation treatment fails on the first attempt, then the doctor readjusts some of the wires and it works seemed a little obvious.

But the Haylie Duff era appears to be over, and that’s certainly a good thing.

Perhaps it’s a matter of low expectations, but I found the older Duff less annoying than I thought I would, and certainly less annoying than the more famous Duff.

For the second week in a row, Joan attempts to pass on what she learns from God to another person; it seems that she finally has figured out that it’s not all just for her benefit. This could be taking the show in an interesting direction.

I continue to really enjoy this show, even when I’ve figured some things out early on. Stevie not having an SSN, though, was a bit strange as the IRS has required one if you claim children on your tax return since some time in the eighties - I remember getting one for my now 17 YO son when he was an infant. So that was a bit unbelievable, but I do understand that writers take liberties for the sake of the story at times.

For me, it is still the many separate parts and characters that make the show so watchable and enjoyable - especially Grace, Luke, Kevin, and of course Adam and Joan. And Joe M. and Mary S. as the parents are wonderful, especially the scene between Helen and Adam when she explained why she didn’t ask him to share his painting for the Parent-Teacher night - she was right on target.

Yeah, that’s what I wondered about. I got stuck on that and it really bug the crap out of me. She’d have to get one eventually. Did her mom think she’d never get a job? Not to mention that you need it for ID for health insurance, school registration, things like that.
Since she’d already stolen the dead girl’s ID, why not apply for one under her name? What SSN was her mom using? I know, it’s just a nitpick, but it really bugged me.
I loved the A. Vatar God at school. That was pretty clever.

I thought the whole Stevie thing was rather contrived. Kevin manages to get every adoption record in the US? Stevie has no SSN? Eventually she’s going to get a job, even if her mother doesn’t want her to now, and won’t that question come up then? And kidnapping her because a judge returned her to her drug-addicted, neglectful mother? :dubious: I can’t see any judge doing that, especially if there’s a social worker pleading on the girl’s behalf. And arresting her at school?

I would like info on this electric nerve stimulation thing. Does it really exist? Does it really help paraplegics to walk again? And how come I haven’t heard of it before? And the whole it-didn’t-work-the-first-time-but-it-did-work-the-second, although a little silly, was handled extremely well. You could see Kevin’s brave face at hiding the disappointment for the camera, then when his leg jerks forward and the doctor asks if he wants to take a stroll, and he said, “Are you kidding?” his joy and disbelief and hope was very apparent. I know if I had been a television viewer watching that news segment I would have broken down and cried. I think Kevin is going to be famous in Arcadia soon, as legions of fans start monitoring his progress. How will he handle it?

Adam just gets cuter and cuter. I loved the scene where he told Helen that he needs someone like her in his life. And Helen is very astute.

Next week…Joan gets framed. That should be very interesting!!

Wow. I guess I’m going to have to step out of character and go against the grain. :wink:

This was the best episode ever, in my opinion. (With the exception of last season’s finale.) I noticed the same thing Threeorange did, and I’ve been just dying for Joan to show some damn growth and comprehension of these fairly simple life lessons. Ritter’s acting was impeccable — I saw flashes of Duval. Excellent stuff.

I know Amber Tamblyn has complained a bit about the way Joan was portrayed. Maybe TPTB took that into account.

Agreed, on all points you listed. Pretty good overall, except for the Stevie stuff.

And at least we didn’t have to watch a dull regular police substory this time.