Joan of Arcadia is coming back!

Sci-Fi Channel is re-running the series, starting Friday at 8pm, which is the original airtime of the show.

I won’t comment on the topic of putting a show about God on the Sci-Fi Channel. But Adam and Grace and Luke and Joan…they’re coming back! SQUEEEEE!!!

It’s as much about God as Reaper is about the Devil.

YAY! I have the first season on DVD, but not the second. My DVR will be ready. Although it’s almost worth it to buy it so I don’t have to watch painful edits to add extra commercials.


That’s really funny - I was just thinking about this show over the weekend! I was thinking about buying the Dvds, but now perhaps I will delay…

HDNet has been re-running it for several years now, in all its hi-def glory. IIRC, they run two episodes back-to-back every morning, so getting caught up should be pretty easy if you have a DVR.

Unfortunately, HDNet just bumped Enterprise from their schedule; I’d started watching it when it debuted several years ago, and they went well into (but not completely through) season 4. I know SciFi shows Enterprise, but they still seem to be in seasons 1 & 2, so I’ll have to wait a while for them to catch up.

I don’t have HDNet, or an HDTV, so I haven’t been able to catch it.

Do you remember that episode of Scrubs where Eliot runs into her old college fried, played by Kerri Russell, and they start screaming like a pair of banshees when they see each other? That was my daughter and me when we saw the SciFi bug.

I watched both seasons during the original run. I thought the season finale for the first season pretty effectively ended the series’ story. The second season seemed superfluous and ended in a cliffhanger which, of course, was never to be resolved. They shoulda’ left well enough alone.

I think they ended season 2 they way they did because they weren’t sure if CBS was going to pick them up for a season 3, so they were trying to have it both ways, with Joan facing a new challenge yet realizing her friends were around to help.

I have boycotted Fridays at 8pm on CBS ever since. Bastards.