Joan Rivers, rancid maggot

From IMDB:

Joan Rivers Jokes About 9/11 Victims
Controversial comedienne Joan Rivers has stunned British audiences by mocking the relatives of firefighters killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Rivers recently unveiled her new stand-up show Broke And Alone In London, but the British audience were left stunned when the American made fun of widows, whose firefighting husbands were killed in the attacks on New York and Washington DC. An audience member says, “She said that they got paid $5 million each, and how disappointed they’d be if they were told, after all, that their husbands had been found alive.” Despite the controversy, Joan’s spokesman insists that she, boldly, plans to continue to use the joke when she takes her show to America later this year.


And what would she do with all that money she got when her husband died?

I never thought Joan Rivers was very funny to begin with, but Jee-zus, how fucking insensitive can she be? “Controversial” is one thing, but “total fucking prick” is another.

Maybe Ms. Rivers should … hell, I don’t know. I can’t think straight. FUCK YOU, JOAN RIVERS!


Along with her daughter. What an embarassment!
If she brings that joke stateside, she can kiss whatever career she has left goodbye.

This doesn’t surprise me.

Whatever poor excuse for talent Joan Rivers ever possessed left her long ago. I don’t think I have ever in my life witnessed anything as painfully horrific as her attempts at being funny on E. “Appalling” is not nearly strong enough.

I’m not surprised either. She’s a keening no-talent hack who should have quit seven facelifts ago.

As the son and nephew of police and firefighters, here’s a hearty wish for Ms. Rivers:


Especially considering her own husband committed suicide. You’d think she’d be a little more sensitive.

Wait…what am I saying-she jokes about that, too. She said, “If my husband saw this bill he’d kill himself all over again!”
Or something like that.

What a bitch.

I believe George Carlin said it: Joan Rivers has become one of the people she used to make fun of.

Words of caution for us all!

Joan Rivers is disgusting. Her jokes aren’t funny, she’s a pathetic excuse for a fashion critic (because shit, she actually thinks she looks good after all those facelifts), and she WOULD drop into oblivion if people would just quit watching her and paying for tickets to her shows.

But see, that’s the whole point. People DO tune in; people DO pay to see her; stars DO stop and chat with her at awards ceremonies. Hell, an entire network gave her her own show.

It’s not that hateful hags like Joan and Melissa Rivers exist; it’s that there are always people who give them an audience. That’s what drives me nuts.


The topper is, this isn’t even a new joke. She tells it all the time, and plugs in the wealthy widows du jour, depending on the latest tragedy. Insensitive, unfunny, and unoriginal. She’s made the trifecta!