Job advice or help me land a promotion..

My bossed called me into his office this morning and had me shut the door. Not a good sign, I thought. But he told me he had accepted another job and wanted to tell me first since he considers me a prime candidate for his replacement. I basically do a lot of the work now and do fill in for him when he is on vacation. Also, some of the duties involving compiling prices, posting the publication to the website, explaining how we gather our data and what it represents, etc. are things only he and I can do so basically with him leaving, he said I have the company in a good position to get a hefty raise and a better job title since if he and I both leave, they would not be able to put out the publication. My question is this, say I would be willing to take the job and added headaches and responsibilities for $50,000. When I’m negotiating with the company president, should I ask for $60,000 to give me some space? If the give me the $60,000, great, if not and they talk me down to $50,000, that what I wanted in the first place. Any advice or human resourse specialists out there with some hints?

Don’t put the cart before the horse. The company president has to offer you the job first - and though it sounds like you are qualified, that doesn’t make it a sure thing.

First, talk to your boss again. Ask him if he has made his views on you doing the job known to the company president. If not, ask him to. Then find out what the pres though.

Then get on the Pres’ calendar. Tell him that you understand you’ve been suggested as a possible replacement for your boss and you are very interested in the position. Make sure to be ready to sell yourself.

Once he says yes, find out what his offer is. Ask for 10% more than he offers in salary. Promotions aren’t like job offers, they aren’t alway negotiable - and you don’t want to look greedy. There is a chance in this economy that the Pres is hoping to get you to do both jobs for your current salary.

Best wishes.

I hope those dollar figures you gave are hypothetical. I wouldn’t take any boss-type job for that, especially here in the DC area. That would be falling into the “here, sonny, I’m gonna make you a Manager” trap, where you do twice the work for the same money. Unless of course, this job is a stepping stone, and you just want to get some managerial experience on your resume.