Job for a Meditator

Lighthouse Keeper, Fire Lookout, those would be perfect jobs for me right now, but I fear that those no longer exist.
Are there any such solitary, somewhere away from people, in wilderness located jobs anymore? And if so, where are they?
Thanks, Mr. Jan Hearthstone.

Resources and Reflections on Hermits and Solitude

How about being a backcountry ranger?

Sounds good, but I need a lot of time for meditating and studying–I don’t think that would be possible for me should I be a ranger. Thanks Mike!
Sincerely - H.S.

Just delete one letter in the title and you’ll have work for life.

Not sure about the States, but we have heaps of jobs like this. Mostly working for the Department of Conservation, removing not wanted plants from out lying islands, or catching rats or possums (pests) from islands or bush land, or counting kiwis or other native birds mostly on islands.


How about museum curator on South Georgia Island?

Someone give that man a red pencil!

For fire lookout positions check with US Forest Service or The Bureau of Land Management
Its seasonal, during fire season, of course. They don’t require previous experience. The posts are very isolated. The lookout is expected to check in about every hour. He/she must have a clear speaking voice.
The sites have a residence and a tower. The towers are open to the public, such as is found in these isolated areas, so it has to be kept clean & maintained. Typically, the tower is located at the end of a gravel service road, so the lookout doesn’t have to hike in.
Otherwise, its just watch the forest for indications of young fires and report them before they become old fires.