Job interview etiquette - two positions

So, I’m looking for a new job. Last Tuesday, I had a pretty good interview for a really great position. They have since contacted my references, so I think I am certainly in the running. They are looking for two people for a full-time positions, which fits my skills very well. The interviewer mentioned that the organization is doing a lot of hiring right now, and that HR was snowed under, and the hiring process might take a while - that it was possible they would not let me know the outcome until the New Year.

I also applied for a part-time (3/4) position at the same organization. It is still a good fit for me, just not AS good. And, I would rather work full-time. They have just contacted me to invite me to interview for this position next week - on Monday, in fact.

Obviously, I have to tell the recruiter for the PT position that I’m in the interview process for the other job. My question: at what point? In the email I’m about to send, accepting the interview? When I get there, before the interview? After the interview? It’s also possible the panel will include interviewers from the last interview.

Or do I have it all wrong, and I should keep it under my hat? This is a very small organization, and I really don’t want to step on anyone’s toes… nor do I want to waste anyone’s time.

Advise me, o Millions!

Since it’s a small company (instead of say, two separate and unrelated divisions of a large company), you should probably tell the recruiter that you are already currently interviewing at that company by phone as soon as possible.

If this organization is so small, how is it the recruiting department doesn’t know you are being considered for two different positions?

This one is obvious. Tell everyone everything right away. They’ll appreciate your honesty, and it might help you get the FT job faster, since a desired commodity become more valuable. They might already know, but that doesn’t matter.

Then you can interview and if both groups like you let them work out the details.

When I was in Bell Labs, this happened all the time, since most candidates interviewed at multiple locations. We were supposed to work out who got to extend the offer. When I interviewed I got 3 (though one was independent at the time) but one of the groups really, really needed people.

Personally, I would do it in the email you are about to send, accepting their invitation for the interview. That puts the ball squarely in their court, allowing them to go ahead with the interview or not.

In your email, you could even say something along the lines of, “I would be pleased to interview for the part-time position, especially if there is any possibility of it becoming a full-time position.”

If you get the PT position, it will probably be easier to move up within the company rather than trying to get in from the outside.

Not only would I tell them, I would use this fact. You are so keen to work for this ‘great’ company you have applied to multiple positions…


Never mind! They just offered me the first position. :slight_smile:


You must have *really *impressed them. :slight_smile:


That may also backfire and make you desperate and unfocused.