Job losses from cutting entitlements

Actually, counting interesting, you might well have.

Didn’t mean to be vague, I sort of assumed that everyone would have been familiar with McConnell’s recent statements since they rang my own personal bell so hard. See McConnell Blames Entitlements, Not GOP, for Rising Deficits:

He is specifically calling out Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid as where the cuts need to come from to balance the budget, displaying that characteristic GOP obliviousness to reality in which tax cuts under first Reagan, then W and now Trump have greatly reduced the government’s revenue.

He says a lot of things that could be fodder for debate, but I didn’t want to explore the advisability or political possibility of cutting these programs- I think that’s a no-brainer. I wanted to look at what real-world effects such a move would have. We’re talking about cutting about a trillion a year from these three programs, which isn’t going to just cost government jobs but will leave millions of people sick and with little or even no income. Seems like a great way to sabotage the American economy, but what are the numbers? What kind of quantifiable effect would that have? Seems like we can make a better counter-argument if we answer these questions.

More broadly, it seems the GOP is determined to wring a trillion a year out of the American public one way or the other for their billionaire donors- either by cutting it from ‘entitlement programs’, or else by jacking up the debt so high that bondholders are owed $1 trillion a year by the US treasury, close to the same thing. I think that is the grand option the GOP is presenting us. But I digress. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m asking about national job losses from cutting ~$1 trillion a year from these three programs.

All the term “entitlement” means in this context is that if you qualify, you get it, period.

Only in the literal sense, that you truly are entitled to it, that you should be viewed as holding title to it. You’re certainly not entitled as in spoiled-brat entitled, though anyone who wants to paint others as such is going to do so.

Most people don’t understand the true origins of the term entitlement…in the current context.

But again, devil in details. How do you “cut” entitlements? If it’s across the board, then poor people starve in the cold dark. If you increase the clawback, you create a “dead zone” of those with enough to have to pay back but not enough to live comfortably. Or are you aiming for the same effect as public schools make it so crappy that people no longer rely on it (cue starving mobs) while the slightly better off demand that the feds stop deducting for something they’ll never collect on, thus killing it.