Job opening for film critic!

In the category of “what was he thinking?” NPR Fresh Air fires David Edelstein following Twitter rape joke

Making a comment on Bernardo Bertolucci’s death, Edelstein made an awful joke referencing the infamous butter scene in the film Last Tango in Paris. And now he is no longer employed by Fresh Air.

YMMV but I don’t really believe his protestations that he wasn’t aware of actress Maria Schneider’s claims that she was essentially raped on film, under Bertolucci’s direction. After all, he is a film reviewer and when Schneider’s claims were made they were reported widely enough that everyone in the business heard them.

Like guns and alcohol, in the wrong hands jokes and Twitter don’t mix.

If I heard about the abuse charge, how could a film critic not hear about them?

Well …, Gene Siskel really didn’t care that much about the movie business. I could easily see him missing out on a lot of stuff. The contrast between him and Ebert on such matters was amazing.