Job Posting: 'sexy FEMALE marketing admin'

"If you are career minded, dont mind an entry level admin position to start at and support marketing, PA and office admin tasks, then contact me. I am looking for someone who is hardwaorking, dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, smart, and open minded enough to have fun at the job… email pics, res, and salary expectations "

So umm, so is this not incredibly illegal? Or just highly unethical?

depends on what state the company calls home and how many employees it has. If it has over 15 emps, it’s subject to enforcement action by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in which case yes, it’s probably violating the law by specifying sex, implicitly specifying age, and (I think) requiring a photo as a condition for hiring. That’s the federal law; some states like California might have more stringent non-discrimination laws on top of that.

OTOH, if it’s just some guy who thinks he’s found a clever way to troll for hot chicks, I dunno.

Also, anyone employed by the company now or in the future can point to that ad as evidence of a “hostile work environment”, I believe, if they want to bring their own harassment or discrimination suit.

  1. It may be in Toronto, Canada.

  2. The “employer” posting needs to proofread his post. Maybe his new sexy secretary can do that in the future.

  3. I have nothing againt “sexy secretaries” – it’s one of my favourite fantasies. However, sexual fantasies and real-life employement scenarios generally tend to be two different matters.

In California it would definately be a no-no. But Craigslist has gotten away with such things in the past.

Againt = against.

I, too, should proofread.

What, my friends, is the moral of this story?

I’ll tell you. It’s that we all need sexy secretaries.

Make sure mine has six-pack abs, pls.

**Lamb Chop ** has given a good answer for the US, but the posting does seem to be for Canada. Canadopers?

Errrrr, in that order?

Looks like the ad was pulled, but looking at the Ontario Human Rights Commission hiring information (since the link seemed to pertain to Toronto), the answer would seem to be no.

It’s definitely a GTA (Greater Toronto Area) post.

I imagine the Ministry of Labour would have a few things to say about this.

Hmm… the Ministry of Labour’s website pointed me to the Human Rights Commission. According to the [url=“”]Human Rights Code

So it appears that asking for a specifially-female employee is out.

As for the “sexy” part, I don’t know. I can imagine jobs whose duties would require a specific appearance or demeanour (from actors to strippers), but I don’t know how that would fall under the Code. Would a casting director who said, “I need a middle-aged South Asian man for this role.” be guilty of illiegal discrimination?

I think that the generally-used yardstick is whether the particular quality is germane to the job. For an acting job, race, sex, and other aspects of appearance are germane to the job, but for a secretary, you’d have a hard time making that case. You could probably ask for “good people skills”, or something along those lines, but that’s not exactly the same thing as “sexy”.

In the U.S., they probably could’ve gotten away with the ad if they hadn’t mentioned “FEMALE” (in capital letters, no less). I don’t think there’s anything with the EOE against hiring for “sexiness.”

“Job requirements: type 50 WPM, familar with MS Office, and sexy. Bi-lingual a plus.”

If you can descriminate on typing speed, can you descriminate on “sexiness”? A man can be sexy just as much as a woman.

In Canada the key word is always BFOR, Bona Fide Occupational Requirement. If a BFOR can be proven in front of the courts then an exception will be made even if it were a violation of the Human Rights Code.

Quick and dirty link

From the OHRC:

If the employer is willing and able to prove that being a sexy female is a BFOR, then he’s free to advertise for one and fire any employees that no longer fit the BFOR even if it violated the Charter.

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Personally, the ad in the OP was so strange I’m wondering if there was an ulterior motive. Perhaps, for example, a person referring to some other ad that might have asked for “sexy FEMALE bartender” or something like that. I could see one person placing such an ad and a second person placing a parody ad to prove some point.

If one was asking for a “sexy female” to be a stripper at a gentlemans club, I’d think that’d be OK. :wink: As a secretary- not so much.

I *think *it’s OK to ask for a *receptionist *to be “physically attractive”, but that’d have to include handsome male applicants also.

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