Job Search Question

At retirement age, and having run my own business for 25+ years, I haven’t searched for a job since I-don’t-know-when. Back in the proverbial day, newspaper want ads were the primary source of jobs. Well, I’ve got a son graduating in a few months with a degree in Marketing. I’m sure he has his own ideas for his search, but I’m curious as to where do today’s job seekers go to find positions?

First place is his alumni association.

Jobs are not doing well in US now days but if you in the US pick the state of Texas over Florida.There is more jobs in Texas.More manufacturing and industry of what is left nowadays.

The problem with Florida is it is all low paying retail and tourism jobs.Unless you don’t care working at a fast food place ,restaurants ,hotel ,motel ,bars and other retail jobs and service.The state of Texas has more tech ,manufacturing ,industry ,business and skilled jobs.

If he’s still in college he should work with the college career center. At my school, many companies do on-campus interviews. And if he’s in marketing, I assume he already has a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

His college likely has a placement office, called “Career Services” or some such, that can help him with preparing a resume in the current formats, mock interviews, job search strategies, job listings, on campus interviews, etc. He can and probably should go ahead and sign up with them for whatever services are available as a first step.