Job Stress Relief

I got this e-mail from a friend. Enjoy.


Urban legend. I won’t post a link to Snopes, because I’ve noticed, no offense, that when others do, it just goes to the main page instead of a specific article. Still, it’s a UL.

It’s still a cute story, and a technique I intend to use in the future :slight_smile:


Hmm I did a mess of searches on Snopes…Q-tip, rectal thermometer, Chesebrough and pond (Q-tips are made by Chesebrough-Ponds, I have a pack in my hands right now) hell even q and therm…nothing…sounds like a UL, but not officially proven as far as I can tell :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure if Q-tips makes a rectal thermometer and perhaps that’s the catch…Still a fun story.

Hehe I’ll remember this when I am having one of those nightsat work well like tonight. Frickin’ frackin’ boss makes me walk outside in the weather 10 minutes to go work at another building. Geezal I mean I have stuff to do. That took 10 minutes off of my Straight Dope time. So today I only got to spend 22 hours and 50 minutes on Straight dope. GRRRRRR

All right, to be fair, it’s a technique I’ve used. When I was working at Mickey D’s, I often said, “At least this beats working at the factories where they make the wrappers and the sauces and like that.” And no matter how taxing any office work I have to do is, I can always say, “At least I’m not still a maid.”

But I’ve seen that thermometer story debunked; honest, I have.