Jobs you never seem to get done

For me, it’s organizing my music. It’s not that I don’t keep up by organizing my new music, it’s that I never really settle on the structure or categories. Every time I go through my music I think of another category, or a sub-category, or I ask myself, “Why did I put that in there?”, or I realize I spent hours and hours creating a category of music of a certain type and months later I haven’t referred to it even once. Or – I’m in the middle of reorganizing and decide to listen to some pieces to see it they really belong there, and then I end up pretty much forgetting the task in favor of listening to great music.

So course, I’m trying again. :stuck_out_tongue: From about 75 categories, I reducing it to about 10. There’s my “main” list, which has about 80% of all my music, a “favorites” list which has about 20%, 2 lists for classical pieces (under and over 10 minutes), large band/orchestras, swing music, blues, mellow (for sleep), and high energy (for driving), and weird specialty music (things like TV and movie themes, and songs that have like 8 or 10 versions of). The good part of this is that it’s almost no more work – it’s mostly matter of just disposing of lists I don’t use. We’ll see how long this last, but it’s kind of a persistent itch.

What’s your never ending task?

Cleaning my room.

Organizing my sheet music.

not to be a big copy cat, here, but organizing my stuff in general. all of it, but especially papers.

blast it.

The most annoying one for me is setting up the series of blogs I want to have set up, a few different-but-connected themed places to dump my brain and participate in discussion. Instead, I just keep not doing that.

I also want to set up some professional landing / splash / resume / etc pages for myself to help give myself a tiny dash of self-promotion.

Unpacking after a trip.

Whenever I prepare for a trip, and start packing for it, I find stuff in my suitcase from my previous trip. And I don’t take trips that often.

Laundry. If it’s all washed and dried, there’s a mountain to be folded and put away. Or put on hangers. Or (shudder) ironed. And then there’s the pile that needs a button, or a seam repaired. If, by some miracle, all of those piles are gone, I go to collapse in the den and spot a snowdrift of dirty white socks in the corner and under the desk, and the toddler just stripped down, and Littlest Miss just had a diaper blowout in the crib.

I’m with you on the laundry frustration.

I’m single and live by myself, so I have only my own dirty clothing to deal with. I still get annoyed by the constant demand for laundering. I’ve developed the Order Through Maximum Sloth method. Maybe something similar would work for you:

  1. Clothing gets taken right out of the dryer, folded, and sorted immediately. I have several durable cloth bags that stand upright. These bags count as sorting bins. Each of the following things goes in its own bin:

[li]Underwear[/li][li]Socks[/li][li]Shirts that don’t need a hanger[/li][li]Pants[/li][li]Sheets and pillowcases[/li][li]Blankets[/li][/LIST]

Those bins are where the laundry belongs. I carry them back to my apartment and put them in the closet. Sorting is now done, and the laundry has been put away in the process of sorting.

Things that need to be put on hangers get taken out of the dryer a tiny bit early and allowed to dry the rest of the way on hangers. That eliminates the need for most ironing. (I take into account that most people don’t really look that sharp once they’ve been on the subway for a while, anyway.)

All of my socks are white (with the exception of my good hiking socks, which are all green.) This means any two socks make a matching pair, so I never have to pair them.

I honestly believe laundry breeds in the hamper.

My own problem right now is getting pictures hung up in the apartment I moved into two months ago (must bug DH for help with that this weekend. Easier for him since he’s taller, and he’ll fuss if anything isn’t attached to a wall stud anyway).

We use the “get a bunch all alike, just dump them in a container” strategy too. My husband dislikes having to unfold socks, which suits me, since one of my least favorite tasks is folding socks (I’ve historically been the homemaker in our marriage). He has his everyday socks (white sport/work type socks) and his dress socks, I have ankle socks in white or black to go with whichever sneakers I choose for what I’m wearing (yes, I do have some nylons and tights for dressier situations). I do have some socks that don’t fit that scheme, but most of mine do.

All of them.

A few days ago I finally put up a rod and curtains (over the blinds) in the living room.

I’ve lived here for 15 years.

When i first moved to my town I rented a recorder and video taped people throughout the neighborhood. Close to 20 years later people are interested in seeing it. It is work to go through making sure there isn’t anything naughtie slippped in the box of videos.

Rating and categorizing all my new music on iTunes.

Writing down serial numbers and contents of our house for insurance purposes.

Sorting and putting away all the stuff in the box of junk that I collect every time I do a thorough clean of the house (I believe all that stuff has been called “kipple” by some guy).

Putting my clothes away. Piles of them all over the place.

I don’t really have anywhere to put them, though… So I also haven’t done a very good job of providing myself with furniture.

I don’t dust much and I hate folding clothes.

In my room there is a laundry basket full of stuff I will need for the next week that just sits and doesn’t get put away: it has clean sheets and pajamas, and a book, a travel makeup bag, a purse full of whatnots and other things I might need.

Cleaning period.
Everything you clean makes something else look dirty.

Get an amoire. They have “not enough shelves” and a small hangy place, but they impress everybody.

Painting- as in painting a room. it is so boring.

It’s amazing that the Romans built all those aqueducts and roads and in the same time- with technological advances- I can’t paint a fucking wall.

I will join you all on the Boober Fraggle Bench: laundry.

Don’t start.
As soon as you paint one room the walls in the next room will look bad. By the time you get done with the last room the first one will need to be painted again. It’s a never ending cycle.
It’s easier to move.

I’m like that too. With me, once I’ve washed and dried my clothes, I bring them upstairs in the laundry basket, and instead of putting them in the closet where they belong, I leave them in the basket and take them out and wear them as needed. I then put away the rest of my clothes from the basket only when I do a new wash and will need the basket for the newly-washed clothes.