Jockey Headbutts Horse

This is old news but I haven’t seen it posted here so have a link.

I am left wondering what would have ensued from this fracas if the incident had occurred in a football match, Jockeys v. Horses. An educated guess is:

  1. The horse goes down like a sack of potatoes and commences writhing in agony with its legs in the air.

  2. The jockey stands over the horse wagging his finger and castigating it for unsporting behaviour.

  3. The rest of the Jockey team surrounds the horse, telling it to cease moaning and get up.

  4. The other players in the Horse team canter up and start miming at the referee to show a red card.

  5. The referee, having failed to spot the headbutt, sends the horse off for diving.

  6. The rest of the Horse team kicks seven bells out of the jockeys and the referee.

  7. The match is abandoned and all the horses are gelded to teach them a lesson they won’t forget.