Joe Biden doesn't make it 4 years: who is Kamala's Veep?

I ask this as a Biden voter. I’d be a fool to not think there is a chance Sleepy Joe doesn’t make it to 2024 for various reasons.

I hope I’m wrong, but if needed, and Kamala Harris is sworn in, who would be here Vice-President?

I would think the candidate would be:

–A highly experienced government official/legislator preferably a Cabinet member, Senator or Governor
-Someone between the ages of 40-65
–Easily electable in 2024. I’m thinking due to Harris’ lefty proclivities, a moderate candidate would be preferred
-Hate to say this because America is a bigoted country, the Veep standing behind a woman of color President would need to be a white male.

So who are your candidates?

I disagree that it would “need” to be a white male. The color barrier has been broken twice. (Obama and Harris). The gender barrier has been broken almost twice (Harris and Hillary w/ the popular vote win). Hell, even the religion barrier is breaking down (Bernie and Harris’s Hindu background).

The field is wide open.

I think Warren would have a shot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Duckworth in a more prominent role than Senator within the next decade or so, so while unlikely, I think she’s a possibility.

I concur.

Any answer would have to take into account which party controls the Senate at the time. Republicans retaking the Senate is at least as likely as President Biden leaving office early, so in that case it would have to be someone at least palatable to Mitch or whoever would be the Majority leader by then.

How’s Gabby Giffords’ health these days? Would she be physically up for the job?

Some day I think John Fetterman will be a good choice.

A Hispanic from a purple state like Texas.

Also, if the Dems have a tight lead, it would be risky to pull a Senator out unless they can be immediately replaced by a Dem governor.

Dem governors would also be in play. Especially one that’s on the verge of being term limited out of office.

Andrew Cuomo?

Nobody liked him much until the Covid crisis, but then he emerged as a national (or at least regional) leader. Dude may lack charisma, but he’s competent, and he gives off a vibe of being really…solid, I guess? At the moment, solid seems really appealing.

(And his charisma problem could be mitigated by featuring lots of bickering between him and his little bro Chris. They’re just so darn cute together)

Cuomo is competent and came to the fore during the COVID crisis but he’s still an asshole.

Of the former candidates, Warren might be a good choice but only if it didn’t impact the balance of the Senate. No way in hell Sanders gets chosen - that’s just asking for trouble from left and right. Buttigieg or Bennet could be bland, non-threatening white male choices (although Bennet likewise would require a careful replacement).

Of non-candidates, Gretchen Whitmer could be a good choice (and a total belated “Fuck you” to Trump and his followers); she was on Biden’s shortlist.

This is the problem with Warren for the next two years – her replacement would be named by a Republican governor, giving control of the Senate back to Mitch McConnel. Same would apply to Sanders. On the plus side, by virtue of that fact either one would probably get near unanimous Republican support!

Another thing to consider is that a replacement VP nominee needs to get a majority vote in the Senate AND the House (unlike other nominees who only face the Senate). With Republicans in excellent position to take back the House in two years, and a substantial majority of their House caucus having voted to deny Biden’s electors, ANY Harris nominee for VP could face a tough time after the midterms.

And to respond to the OP, Harris’ choice would be made solely based on whom she could put on the ticket that would be most likely to help her win election as President. Does she try to put together the same map that Biden did? I imagine that she’d have a tough time hanging onto the Rust Belt “blue wall” states that Biden won. Does she try to buttress her chances there with a Whitmer or Sherrod Brown? Consolidate Georgia and nudge NC into her column? Or stake it all on Texas, the great white whale of Democratic politics?

There are very few examples of VP nominees who helped win an election. There are far more who helped lose one though.

In many states, the replacement must be of the same political party as the elected Senator regardless of the party affiliation of the governor.

That doesn’t necessarily stop the Governor from selecting a slack-jawed yokel who will be easy to defeat in the next election however.

Only Arizona, Hawaii, Maryland, North Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming:

On the other hand, this means that if Mitch doesn’t last the next four years, the Democratic governor gets to replace him.

Oh Dang! Living in NC (and seeing Arizona go through the process after the death of John McCain) I figured it was way more common! Should have done my research before posting. Thanks for the clarification.

And of those, only Arizona and Maryland have Democratic Senators and Republican Governors. I know he just got elected, but I could actually see Mark Kelly as a good VP match for Harris.

What “lefty proclivities”? Only in the current United States could Kamala Harris possibly be considered a “lefty.” It’s just plain sad that a mildly liberal centrist could be considered a “lefty.”

She might, but she’s be a fool to take it. She can do much more good in the Senate. Or as Treasury secretary. Or as Fed chairperson.

That will (I hope) never happen. I’m a New Yorker who’s been following his career since he was Attorney General of New York (even before that, actually, since he was at HUD),

He cannot stand up to the kind of vetting he’d undergo as a vice-presidential nominee. He simply can’t. He is perhaps not personally corrupt, but he has, shall we say, a high tolerance for corruption among his close associates.