Joe Biden doesn't make it 4 years: who is Kamala's Veep?

Both on the ticket can’t, in practice, be from the same state, due to an electoral college rule, especially if the state has a lot of electoral votes.

If Biden had died, or was ill, a lot of voters would want a ticket that honors his legacy.

Harris would probably get the nomination and should pick a normally qualified (current/former senator or governor) non-Californian who she personally likes. Being a moderate, I like Gina Raimondo.

This has been discussed elsewhere, and I’m too lazy to go look for it, but since the emergence of the current two-party system the President’s party loses seats in the House in midterm elections something like 90% of the time. And that’s compounded this year, where Republicans control state governments that will redistrict a significant majority of House seats. And they only need to net five seats to take control.

Also, the party “being divided” or having “their house in order” is overrated. Republicans in 2010 were a mess, torn apart by a Tea Party insurgency that many feared would make them unelectable. They still romped home to a 63 seat gain on election night.

Nothing’s impossible, but the deck is heavily stacked toward Republicans in 2022.

Thrice. Herbert Hoover’s vice president was 3/8 Native American. That is one reason why Ms. Harris’ ethnicity is described as South Asian and not Indian.

No, that’s not the case. State law is that if a Senate seat falls vacant, the governor appoints a temporary replacement, but a special election has to be held between 145 & 160 days for a Senator to serve the remainder of the term. So at most, you’d get 5 months of a Republican Senator. Plus, given the shenanigans that got us to the current law, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the legislature removed his power to appoint a temporary replacement if it looked like a Senator was about to leave office early.

It’s hard to keep up with how Massachusetts fills Senate vacancies. And now that I think about it, it’s a little ironic that they initially changed the law back in 2004 to completely remove the power of the governor to fill a vacancy. That governor? Mitt Romney.

Yep. And they gave the temporary replacement power back to Democratic governor Deval Patrick back when Sen. Kennedy was ill. At which point it spectacularly backfired - the Commonwealth elected Republican Scott Brown, eliminating the Democrats filibuster-proof majority right when Obamacare was being negotiated.

Nothing in that clause says the candidate had to have been a resident for the fourteen years immediately prior to becoming president.

Herbert Hoover was born and raised in the US, graduating from Stanford, so he had more than 14 years residence. However, he then took a job with a British mining corporation and lived in Australia, China and Britain. He was living in London up until 1916, when he returned to live in the States.

He was elected President in 1928, 12 years later.

That didnt stop Bush/Cheney. Cheney just changed his registration back to Wyoming.

Good point! Looking at Plaskett’s Wiki page, it looks like she was born and raised in New York, so would easily meet the residency requirement. Interesting question, though, whether someone who lived in a U.S. territory their whole lives would be eligible to run for President.

Not really an option for Newsom and Harris :slight_smile: . Both born in the Bay Area and Newsom never really left (Harris at least went to undergrad at Howard).

I’m sure Newsom would get some due consideration just based on his high profile* and their purportedly good relationship. It would be properly politic of her. But I really, really doubt he’d get the nod - Harris would get serious push back from the party if she went that route and it would likely go over poorly both in the primary and in the general. For some reason people are a wee bit bigoted towards us supposedly politically wacky Californians and two on one ticket would be courting disaster with those stodgy MOR voters (what’s left of them). One is bad enough :laughing:.

*This is assuming Newsom doesn’t get recalled. But I consider that highly unlikely.

Or the sexual harassment allegations. It has all the makings of a pile-on from his own party.

The legal issues are easily overcome – the Constitutional requirement only applies to elections, so a President Harris could nominate a fellow Californian without any problem. Then Newsom could rent a house in Alexandria, get a VA drivers license, buy a “Washington Football Franchise” hat, or whatever else you need to do to establish residency.

But I agree two Californians on the ticket is ludicrous. VP candidates generally don’t make a tremendous amount of difference to the success of the ticket, but a President Harris would need every advantage she could get to stitch together an electoral college majority. “Two Liberal Californians” isn’t a dream ticket anywhere but California.

It isn’t a dream ticket out here. Newsom is getting reamed over some stupid decisions he’s made lately, and the recall people are growing at a steady rate. Not enough to actually get him recalled, but he isn’t the most popular person in California these days by a long shot.