Joe Biden's Presidency after Six Months

I mentioned this in another thread, but what, specifically, are Democrats ready and able to pass into law but for the filibuster? Joe Manchin is on record as opposed to the For the People Act. Maybe more watered-down voting rights legislation could earn his vote, but then you could lose progressive Democrats in the House (where Democrats only have a nine seat edge). The Green New Deal? Single payer health care? Living wage? There was a vote on a $15 minimum wage amendment during the coronavirus relief bill and eight Democrats voted against it.

Probably infrastructure is the one bill where eliminating the filibuster would make things easier, but they’re on a path to do it anyway either through a combination of a bipartisan bill and reconciliation or entirely through reconciliation.

I’m not opposed to eliminating the filibuster on principle, it’s an anti-democratic tool. But differences among Democrats are as much of a block to “getting things done” as the filibuster. And the filibuster at least gives them something they can rail against and blame on Republicans.