Four more years!

Probably covered elsewhere, but I have to rant.

[ul][li]Of slow economic growth[/li][li]Of American jobs being sent to foreign countries[/li][li]Of a widening gap between the rich and the middle class[/li][li]Of concern for corporate fatcats instead of the People[/li][li]Of millions of people losing their health insurance[/li][li]Of more Americans moving into poverty[/li][li]Of persecution of homosexuals[/li][li]Of civil liberties slipping away[/li][li]Of Fundementalist control of the nation’s government[/li][li]Of being hated by virtually every other nation on the planet[/li][li]Of government by fear[/li][li]Of wars and rumours of war[/li][li]Of terrorist recruitments[/li][li]Of being the laughingstock of the world[/li][li]Of thwarting of valuable medical research[/li][li]Of attacks on women’s right to choose to terminate pregnancies[/ul][/li]And four more years of hopelessness. We had a chance to make America a better place. My native California tried. My adopted Washington tried. Oregon, New York, et al tried. But it wasn’t enough. Four more years of more of the same. :frowning:

:smiley: I have had four good years financially speaking…so yeah Four More Years will be nice:)~

Yeah? Tell that to the people in Iraq and Afghanistan, Snaggletooth. I’m sure the four years were just peachy-keen wonderful for them.

Oh, sure. Because, you know, you’re the only person who matters.

I was much better off four years ago than I am now.

Are you fucking kidding me?! The women of Afghanistan were doing just so fucking great four years ago, right? Eat shit!

Look up the definition of sarcasm in the dictionary, sweetheart.

OK, never mind, missed the point of Bear_Nenno’s post. Sorry about that.

But take a look at the loss of civilian lives in both combats before you tell me to eat shit, okay?

Yeah because am sure the Afghans hated to vote, hated to be free and would of rather enjoyed the status quo of bad human rights and oppression of women.

Yeah, four more years indeed.

For fuck’s sake, what about the casualties of that war? What about the destruction?

I’m curious to see what the international community will think of us now.

I’m bitterly disappointed myself. Someone on CNN last night remarked that the thousands of young voters that turned out for the election and those that worked so hard for Kerry are going to be reeling-- likely to become cynical and disillusioned. Witnessing the anger and disappointment of those around me, I’d guess that he’s going to be proven right.

Honestly, If I had the choice between having my human rights curtailed but getting to live another day, or being subjected to firey death raining from the sky and never knowing when I’d be crushed by debris or pulverized by an explosion, or incinerated by said firey death, I’d choose the one without the constant threat of death, thank you. No one is arguing that not being allowed an education, becoming a prisoner in your own clothes and not being allowed freedom of movement is a grrrrrreat way to live, but when the alternative is having your surroundings razed to the ground and never having any physical safety, hand me my burqa!

Well, it’s not like the Democrats didn’t spend upwards of a quarter of a billion dollars to make all on Johnny LA’s points known to the people who nonetheless voted for the alternative.
“What did you expect? ‘Welcome, progressive reform, ‘make the White House your home’, ‘inagurate universal health care?’ You’ve got to remember that these are just simple Americans, these are people of the land, the common clay of the American Republic. You know… morons.”

Blue staters only pawns in game of life.

Actually, it’s four more years of you not realizing that these “talking points” don’t mean, and have NEVER meant shit.

This shouldn’t be a hopeless time for you, it should be an eye-opener to what is really going on in the Democratic Party. Bullshit and more bullshit.

Congrats W.


And you’re still better off than most of the 6+ billion people on earth. Quit your whining, Johnny L. Anomie.

They already are. Only 17% showed up to vote, which is considerably less than everyone else.

I apologize for the “Eat Shit” comment. That’s all the Xenadrine talking. But I’m just so sick of that argument.
Arguing that this country will be worse off with Bush in power is one thing. Hell, I might not have even said anything if you commented on Iraq. But claiming that the people of Afghanistan were so much better off four years ago is almost laughable. And insulting to everything democracy stands for and soldiers fight for.

There are casualties in every war. Some wars should still be fought. Look at every country that has ever fought for it’s indipendance. People died. Whenever a people stand up and fight for their freedom, people die.

Do you really think you can make that decision if you’ve never been oppressed on such a level? Wouldn’t you want to fight and resist so your children could live in a better country? You never know when you might die in a horrible car accident. It could happen anytime on your way to the store. It could be today (god forbid). We take risks everyday. Not all people are fortunate enough to risk their lives for such a great purpose.

If you do nothing, in 60 years or so you will be dead anyway. And your children and theirs will be still be living under a tyranical terrorist regime with warped riligious beliefs as their motivation. If you make a stand and fight for your country, or for another country’s freedom for that matter, you might die. But 60 years from now you would have been dead anyway. But you died giving freedom to millions of people, and countless more to come. I’d much rather die doing that, then suffering through cancer or some other pointless death. I’d rather be blown to bits ensuring that an ENTIRE civilization become free, than sit on my ass in a cubicle until I retire and then play golf and die from stupid renal failure. Fuck that!
I can only imagine that if it was ME who was oppressed, that I would feel even stronger about it. How can you say you’d rather live oppressed than risk death. We’re talking about risking death. Not sacrificing. You wouldn’t necessarily even die doing it.

These may be “talking points”, but they are also personal observations I’ve made over the past four years. Calling them “talking points” makes it sound as if I’m just parroting the Democratic Line instead of thinking about them.

But I’m much worse off now than I was. I guess that you think that as long as we’re better than the Somalis, then we’re doing okay.

I didn’t take it to heart, no worries. (Xenadrine? What’s up? :()

You write eloquently and passionately, and I admire you for that; I just can’t believe the civilian deaths in Afghanistan were justified by any means.

You seem to be unable to recollect that there was a civil war going for years in Afghanistan before we even got there. You know, lots of killing and destruction? Almost all of the damage you see in pictures was done by Afghanis trying to kill each other. That’s stopped now, and the country is rebuilding about as quickly as possible.