Joe Paterno very ill - may be dying soon [Update: RIP Joe Paterno]

Reports aren’t sounding good for JoePa. They took him off a respirator today.

I used to say there was never a day in my entire life that he wasn’t the Penn State coach. At least until very recently that was true. I can remember watching Penn State games on tv with my dad when I was only six or seven. Penn State football gave me a lot of good times over the years.

The old guy has always been tough but it doesn’t sound like hes got much time left. Usually when the family asks for privacy its not good.

Are we supposed to stop thinking he’s scum now because he’s dying? so he worked at a job for a shit ton of years, big deal.

Agreed. At best, his complete inattention caused multiple children to be molested. At worst, his participation in a cover-up caused the same. Either way, decades of being a really great football coach should never erase that stain. I will only wish this man peace when Sandusky’s victims have it too.

Yeah, enjoy your easy death, you useless piece of garbage. Who cares if children were molested. The senile Uncle Joe didn’t care.

In my opinion, he should have ceded his job to someone a full decade ago.
Now, given what we have heard about Sandusky and McQuery, his entire legacy is tainted.
What an idiot.
And just as an aside, I have been to Sandusky, Ohio and it isn’t a bad place.
Imagine you live there now.
Imagine next year, you play against Akron.
Oh my, that is going to suck.

I’ve expected him to die within a year after losing his reason for living. He was a great football coach, and his football coaching turned the podunk cow college that hired him into a nationally renowned university.

That said, I’m sorry, but his legacy is trashed. I’ll have mixed memories of him.

He’s dead.


You get his tricorder, and I’ll grab his wallet.

I’m glad he died knowing his legacy was trashed.

I’m sorry but you people are horrible celebrating the death of a person.

His participation (or lack thereof) in this whole scandal is so much more minimal that is being broadcast and you’re crucifying him like he’s Sandusky himself.

I have absolutely no connection to him or Penn State other than the fact I live in a Big Ten state, but it’s tragic that this event literally killed him and it’s more tragic that you guys are celebrating it.

Reports of his death are not true according to his Doctor.

Huh? This event didn’t “literally kill him.” It didn’t kill him at all – cancer did. :rolleyes:

And while I feel for his family, I won’t pretend to mourn the guy.

No, it’s tragic that kids got molested because of stuff he did, or at best because of stuff he didn’t do that any normal human being should have done. A quick death is better than he deserved. I’m not celebrating that he’s dead, but nobody should be forgetting that kids got ass-raped because he was bad at following up on things.

I don’t get it.

For the record, Sandusky OH doesn’t have any university or college that would play against Akron U. While there is a Sandusky High School, there is no one Akron high school, there being a number of high schools in Akron (Link and two Catholic schools (Hoban and St.Vincent-St. Marys). Why any of them would be bothered about the unfortunate coincidence about Jerry Sandusky’s name being the same as a city in Ohio is beyond me.

RIP Joe Pa. God Bless Jerry Sandusky’s victims.

Paterno family says reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated:

Twitter is doing a repeat of the 2000 election.

JoePa’s dead
JoePa’s is not dead.

Gore won
Bush won

JoePa’s dead
JoePa’s is not dead

JoePa’s son Scott just tweeted that Dad is alive

I am not an Ohioan. I don’t know their schedule. I used Akron as a likely example.

But, the name ‘Sandusky’ is going to mean the child-raping son-of-a-gun for a few weeks if not months. And that is very unfortunate for the folks of that town.

And now, we get the entire panoply for Joe Paterno.

Words can’t do justice.

I don’t see how that can be interpreted as meaning anything but, “Any time now.”

Doctor’s won’t know for certain until they’ve flipped the coin best 5 out of 9.

What’s really weird is that I opened a “Joe Paterno is dead” thread in Cafe Society, and now Joe Paterno is alive and that thread is dead. The mods are just like that guy on Carnivale who redistributes life…