Joe the Plumber running for Congress

The Repubs are attacking it on Tv now. Cain will be shown for the buffoon he is.
Cain’s Sim City plan is being looked at and found to be a joke. Anybody who thinks this clown should be president, should not be allowed to vote. They do not meet the requirements of being able to read or sign their name.

Yes, old Joe seems more of a 'throwaway" candidate, intended to generate a little media attention than a serious contender. The question is if HE knows it.

I’m hoping for Hank Williams Jr to keep his threat to run for Senate in Tennessee. It would at least be entertaining.
D’ya think maybe that, if elected, will he stumble in blind drunk, 90 minutes late for his swearing in, and yell, “Show’s over! Go the f–k home!!”???

Sadly, This registered R is also waiting in vain for another Theodore Roosevelt. Doubt it will happen.

For governor I voted for Dave Treen, an R since I was an R back 30 years ago. He won, but lost four years later to Edwin Edwards because people considered him too boring.
Remember Edwin - “The only way I can lose this election if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.” Anyhow, nearly everyone was a D back then so they had runoffs.

Now, Orly Taitz is running for Senate. Who’s next on this crazy train? I find this hilarious.

She is so deliciously delusional. :slight_smile:

And a spoiler!: