Joel Robinson on Freaks & Geeks!

I had to do a double take while watching an episode of F&G last night on DVD. It’s the episode where Lindsy and her friends try to get fake IDs. Their connection is a guy working in a trendy clothing store. (I think it might have been that Schwartzman guy from Rushmore.) Anyway, his manager is Joel. He only had two lines.

Anyway, it brought a smile to my face.

Would that be… uhhh… this guy?

He plays the same character in two other episodes - one where he sells a “Parisian night suit” to Sam and the series finale where he DJ’s a disco night that Nick dances at.



Don’t forget to pay attention to the Science Teacher. I’ll give you a hint: “Push the button, Frank.”

Hodgson, actually. And yes, that was Jason Schwartzman. It was his first acting gig after Rushmore.

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