Jogging Stroller for Bigger Kids?

I’m looking for a jogging stroller which can handle a larger-sized Celtling. Something we can tool around with at the zoo, or long walks around the neighborhood, or walking to the shopping center for light groceries. But also, maybe, in the long run, I hope. . . for jogging.

Most of the ones I see only go up to 40 pounds. She’s fairly close to that now, and is tall for her weight. So I need somehting with a bigger seat that will keep her feet from dragging on the ground.

I see very similar contrivances for pulling behind a bicycle, but the strollers all seem to be for toddlers.

Has anybody seen anything like this?

BOB jogging strollers go to 70lbs.

They are pretty pricey but, having seen one in person, they are hella rugged (my friend has the off-road BOB SUS since she lives on a farm).

Bob is what I might suggest as well. You might test one first to make sure she’s not too tall, but they have a lot of room and pop up on Craigslist and eBay more than the Chariot.

Would you want to trailer it behind a bike ever? Those trailer/jogger types are pretty roomy and generally have weight limits of 100lbs, but are practically twice the price of the Bobs. Chariot Cougar is one example (you buy the chassis and then you buy the additional kit to adapt it to jogging/biking/x-country skiing) and while I was looking at REI’s after Christmas sale I saw they have a similar jogger/bike trailer hybrid. I think it was called the Switchback. (sorry for the lack of links, I’m posting from my phone and it gets persnickety tabbing back and forth). For jogging, the bigger the wheels the better. Bob’s Ironman seems to be THE stroller to jog with since it has 16" wheels all around and is the lightest at 21lbs, but for dual use (jogger and stroller) you’d want the Revolution instead since that 12" front wheel can swivel for better maneuverability. It can be locked for jogging and it only weighs two more pounds and costs $50 more than the Ironman, but beats having to tilt the stroller back and lift off that front wheel whenever you want to turn.