Johan Cruyff dead at 68

One of the top 10 footballers of all time dies at 68. A Cryuff turn to you, good sir!


There have been few others who have been as influential in the game.

Needs a video. He was before my time, but damn he could play.

Absolutely, Total Football.

He also had a brief autumnal stint in the US, with the Washington Diplomats, off the top of my head maybe some other NASL teams.

I saw him play when he was with the L.A. Aztecs and Washington Diplomats in the old NASL.

1979 was the year I learned the Cruyff turn. :slight_smile:

Nice tribute article here. It has an amusing story about the Diplomats (with Cruyff) flying back to DC after losing in the playoffs to LA, and being greeted by a few hundred fans. Apparently in Europe, fans who gather to meet the team coming home after a loss are typically there to throw bottles and curse, so Cruyff was nervous about approaching them, not realizing that fans here will gather for a celebration, win or lose.

Not for most teams and not most fans even for Barça (big teams do have a problem with fans screaming like they’re having quintuplets any time “they” don’t win), but maybe Cruyff was used to the fathers of the Boixos Nois.