John Belushi - 25 years gone today

What a loss of talent. But could that level of crazy have lasted long in any case? Maybe he was meant to flare and vanish, rather than maintain a realistic level of production for years.

In any case, we miss you, John.

This I can completely agree with. Last year I found his SNL DVD in Targets and to anyone that doubts the first cast of SNL and Belushi in particular were special, it is worth renting or buying these DVDs, especially John’s.

He made two of the funniest movies of all time, Blues Brothers and Animal House. He was a crazy, wild genius. I still miss him.
I cannot believe it is 25 years already.

On the DVD is my most haunting memory of John, the little SNL film that showed John as the last surviving member of the “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” and dancing around their graves. When I saw the piece the first time, I thought it was mildly funny. When I saw it again, years after his death and just after Gilda had also died, I cried.


He coulda lived on, given the world laughter for years…

Belushi died and yet Rob Schnider and Will Ferrell continue to make movies. This may be the defacto proof that OG does not exist.

That’s nothing. Consider the fact that most people today who are under 30 years old probably, when hearing a reference to Belushi, instantly assume you are referring to Jim Belushi. It’s a shame…as is the fact that they trot his ass out for every Chicago-based event as if he’s a local hero. Shoot me now.

Belushi was okay, but I miss Gilda a lot more.

What gets me is that in its current, horribly unfunny, configuration, when they do the opening credits they list - what? - 15 or so cast members.

That original SNL Not Ready For Prime Time lineup of Chase, Belushi, Ackroyd, Morris, Radner, Newman, and Curtin was only 7 people. Talk about lightning in a bottle!

Jim who? :slight_smile:

Favorite Belushi movie: The Neighbors. There was a creepy, yet hilarious undertone in that movie that was pure genius. Those first SNL seasons were so great. I really miss it. And him.

They trimmed this season down to 9 people.

25 years? Holy crap.

It’s official: I’m older than oil.

I still can see him on tape and not get angry. Why did he do such a thing?