John Carter Fan made trailer

Here is a fan made trailer for the movie John Carter that actually makes the movie look good. I have wanted to see it but I am having a hard time convincing friends because the marketing has been awful. This guy should be hired.

That is so much better than the official trailer, the marketing people should be ashamed.

I wonder why that choir chanting is the only music that can accompany these “epic” type films. I’m kinda tired of it.

Because it sounds like they are chanting a snippet of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and the song is cool and fitting? :wink:

That preview was…coherent. Who knew?

I will be pissed if the movie ends with a cliffhanger, like the books.

What’s worse is that if the movie ends with John Carter almost dying as he starts up the oxygen plant to bring air to Mars, people will think it’s ripping off Total Recall, rather than vice-versa.
So it’s certain they won’t do that.

How does a fan see enough of a before release to make a trailer?
It is certainly a better one.

Never mind.

Supposedly it was made completely with publicly known footage. Maybe some was from those little blurbs they air on the Sci Fi channel or Entertainment tonight etc. Don’t know. Not from a pirated copy though (again according to what I read).