John Cleese retires from performing

Now if only he could persuade Steve Martin to follow suit.

The Scoop.

:confused: When’s the last time he was in a sitcom? Two years ago?

But what if the last Harry Potter novel has Nearly Headless Nick as a central character? Who’ll take over the movie role?

I wish they’d written another series of Fawlty Towers.

I’d love to see Basil and Sybil in their older years.

"Comedy legend John Cleese has said he is retiring from writing and performing sitcoms because he will never manage to top the success of Fawlty Towers. "

Gee, that’s got to make the producers of Will and Grace feel proud…

He’s not retiring from movies just yet.

They couldn’t do another series of Fawlty Towers. Watch the final episode. Basil’s been running around all day trying to clean the place up and fix all the problems discovered by the health inspector. Then the inspector stays for lunch and Basil presents him a cheese board with a rat (Siberian hamster) on it. Polly and Manuel carry his limp body away, and Sybil marks the occasion by saying “oh, it’s raining again.” I think he snuffed it.

I’d pay just about anything to take one of those classes, not that I’ll ever be able to afford it.

He could retire outright and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Between the fact that his best work has been so good and his movie roles in recent years have been so forgettable, his legacy is more than set. Parrot sketch ipsa loquitor, or something.

He shops at the same grocery store I do.

::neener-neener smiley face::

Do they sell cheddar?

Not much demand for it around here.

Not much ca…
It’s the single MOST popular cheese in the WORLD!!!

Actually there was some talk that he’d be running for mayor. I suspect it was all just rumor mill, though.

Still, I can only imagine the public offices he’d introduce (ahem, Ministries) and that he’d be a champion of psittacines consumers’ rights.

Not around here, it’s not.

I heard he was running a company that produced instructional videos. Has he retired from that as well?

Shut that bloody bazuki UP!

He no longer runs the company, although what his connection to it is nowadays I cannot say.

Cleese was one of the founders of ‘Video Arts’, but I believe he sold his interest in the company for a suitable amount of money at some point in the early 90s.

I am curious to find out where, when, and how much his comedy classes will be.

Lazy Acres?