John Connor (Nick Stahl) is missing!

Uh oh!

Nick Stahl, who played John Connor in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” disappeared on May 9 and has been reported missing by his wife. I hope Eddie Furlong and Christian Bale are staying alert.

Hopefully the story ends up better than Andrew Koenig’s.

Eddie Furlong is probably going, “Don’t be surprised. You knew I would end up like this…wait, it’s not me? Oh, wow, I hope he’s OK.”

“Have you seen this boy?”

Oh, wait, wrong John Connor.

Hope all goes well, but it doesn’t sound encouraging. He was LITERALLY last seen on Skid Row. He apparently does street drugs.

Per one story, his income last years was in the $500k range, but with agents fees, taxes, pensions, and drugs, it’s easy to see how that wouldn’t be very much in L.A…

I know he was in Terminator 3, but to me he’s the Carnivale guy.

To me, he’ll always be Yellow Bastard.

Update on Nick Stahl’s disappearance: He emailed some friends yesterday and apparently is OK and intends to enter rehab. He hasn’t contacted his wife, but she has access to his email account and discovered his messages.

so, he’ll be back?

Rehab center guy: Come with me if you want to live

Recent photos of the guy look like an anti-drug PSA for heroin, so I hope he manages to kick it.

Likewise. Good actor; sorry his life has been so crappy.

Update on update: missing again. His wife said this time she’s not looking for him.

He couldn’t possibly look worse than Eddie Furlong at this point.

This is embarassing, I mean the media attention to this story.

If anything has ever felt oogy about media voyeurism this does.

Wait, he was unmissing for a while? Where was he that time?

He checked into rehab. Then after a few days, he checked back out.

I just saw him in a trailer for something horribly awful, and he looked like a drugged out hunchback.

Oh, so not Thomas Dekker then. That’s a relief.


That may be the worst trailer ever, though Arachnoquake is that rare title that writes itself. And Furlong looks like the bastard son of The Penguin and Roseanne Barr.

That was on the other night – my mother and I were checking it out just for laughs. (I had the BIGGEST crush on him when I was thirteen. Of course, that was before became a crackhead)