John David Carson

Today, March 16, 2010, I just found out John died back in Oct. 27, 2009. I was a personal friend of his and DeeDee, his wife. I live in Las Vegas. I’ve been trying to find him. I read on google of his passing. NOw I’m hearing a record of his death can’t be found. If anyone has info please e-mail me. IF you know Diana, let her know that I’ve been trying to locate her. John gave me his script that he was trying to produce. I want to give it to Diana. I lost track of him in 2004.
Freddie Aguilar
member of SAG

Hi Freddie,

Here’s a thread where one of our members announced Carson’s death. DeDe posted in the thread and you may be able to get in touch with her that way.

I’ve also moved your thread to our Cafe Society forum.

I don’t think there was a published obit, but you can find his name in the “Social Security Death Index.” At the time the thread was active it wasn’t there, but is now.

I thought fans might like to know, if you’re in or near Austin next week you have a rare opportunity to see Pretty Maids All in a Row on the big screen. Looks like one showing only.