JOHN DENVER'S big B-side

Remember John Denver’s big hit “I’m Sorry”? No? Well, it was the A-side for awhile, until deejays flipped the record over and played the b-side. It was a smash. Which song? Why, it was “Calypso”!!!

I’m drawing a blank. Can you hum a few bars?

Exactly how does one draw a blank.

I don’t know about humming a few bars, but there are some I’d like to hit.

Jomo: _______________________

Well, you asked! :slight_smile:

Jomolungma posted 10-21-1999 04:10 AM

It’s the same as drawing a normal shell, except you don’t draw the bullet.

My deepest thanks, comrades!

To listen to a sample of Calypso click here ** Courtesy of CDNOW**