John Edwards: "That Baby Ain't Mine"!!

So, I just heard the news-Edward admits to an affair, but it was “OK”, because:
-he only had sex when his wife was in remission
-he didn’t love her
My question: can such a man of integrity sink lower? Can the mistress demand a paternity test? :smiley:

AFAIK, he didn’t say it was “ok”, period. HE DID make a point of saying his wife was in remission at the time – so the “ok” was implied, not stated implicitly.

And I’m sure if she sued him for paternity, a court would order him to produce a sample of some fluid or another to test.

I like the bimbo’s quote in this article.

Somehow I’m thinking fists were involved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to be clear folks, this is John “Blew My Chances at VP” EdwardS, and not John “Biggest Douche in the Universe” Edward.

Shortly after the story broke this afternoon I was at my friendly local hardware store and the background music was playing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

I love coincidences.

I dunno, I think the former is trying to take the title away from the latter.

Classy guy. Had sex with her, but did not love her. Child is not his but he has not done the DNA. Oh yeah, class. I bet he will not understand why she will sell him down the river now.

Why is it better when he only fucks around on his dying wife when she is in remission? If she were actually coughing up blood, would that be more classy, or less?


Bush set him up.

More classy. He was diisturbed, as I would be, about getting blood gacked up all over during sex. And oral sex? Eeewww! Classy people care more about hygiene.

“Okay, I fucked her, but I didn’t ‘exhale’, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).”

I edited the thread title to prevent any Edward/Edwards confusion.

Of course she can. But if it’s true that he couldn’t be the father because the timing of the affair wasn’t right, and she knows it isn’t his, then there would be no point in doing so. She wouldn’t demand the test unless she says he’s the father and he says he isn’t.

I did not see the interview, but I do wonder what he thought he was going to gain by the “but I didn’t love her” line. To me, as a man that, sentiment comes across as is a crass and cheesy, Not only did he cheat on his wife, he’s got to take a dump on his mistress as well.

Now he sounds like a panicky high schooler with a pregnant girlfriend. “It isn’t mine!” For such a smooth talker he seems to be pretty adept at choosing exactly the wrong thing to say in this situation.

Based on the statements by her relatives, however, I would bet some money that one/all of them set him up re the hotel meeting by inviting the Inquirer to the party. It’d be interesting to find out if anyone got paid for that sting.

Which is odd because her relatives seem to be pushing for one. I still want to know how she got a $ 100,000 + contract to do a documentary film for his campaign with zero experience in film before they started boffing.

But I can see her attraction. She’s as different from Ms Republican wife as can be and she don’t gots the cancer.

It seems to me that the married person with the wife with cancer (remission or no) is a bigger “bimbo” than his mistress.

Now she’s refusing to have the baby’s paternity tested, on privacy grounds :rolleyes:

[seinfeld]He’s a male bimbo…he’s a mimbo![/seinfeld]

Generally I agree with you. However, I’ve seen several stories about her that suggest the title fits. Here’s one, and there are many more.

Hmm, looks like it’s kind of a tough call for the biggest bimbo crown, then.

That’s ok, there are as many crowns as needed. Both political parties, in a rare show of consensus, jointly run a secret bimbo crown factory in American Samoa.

Wasn’t this Edwards awarded the “Father of the year” Award last year? Didn’t he make remarks about Bill Clinton’s infidelity?
Lo how the mighty have fallen…the giant has feet of clay!I wonder if the NC board of BAR overseers has any clauses about adultery in it, or lying?
Inquiring minds want to know!