John Fogerty - Weeping in the Promised Land

Powerful new song from the former Creedence front man. He sings about the pandemic and about racial violence by the police.

Is that teargas? Something’s irritating my eyes.

Thanks for posting that, cochrane.

Fogerty has written some powerful songs. This is certainly one of them.

Thank you for posting.

Pharaoh keep a Preaching but he Never Had a Plan
Weeping in the Promised Land

Fogerty hasn’t written lyrics this powerful since Fortunate Son


Well Done. I enjoyed it very much.

“With dread in their eyes, all the nurses are crying
So much sorrow, so much dying”

“Out in the street, on your neck with a knee
All the people are crying your last words, 'I can’t breathe
And a white judge say, ‘There been no crime here today’”

Very powerful words, indeed.