John Kass

Cecil’s latest SD Chicago column was inspired by a comment made by Tribune columnist John Kass.

I don’t have much to say about Cecil’s moderately interesting article, but it did make me consider the source. I used to enjoy reading Kass, even when I didn’t agree with him, because I once found him to be a talented, thoughtful, and entertaining writer. These days, though, his column is barely even readable.

Between his silly little nicknames for every public figure, and his ever-growing list of made-up words, he seems to write in his own personal language, and if you aren’t a regular reader, good luck keeping up. He could be writing about the price of tea in China and he’ll still manage to work a tangential reference to Tony Rezko into just about every column. His relentless Obama- and Daley-bashing has become tedious.

All of which I can forgive on the rare occasions he actually has a point. But most days I slog through a couple hundred words of “That chumbalone Rezko and Mayor Shortshanks are smoking the hopium like they were blobfish attacking one of my famous beer-can chickens…” and I have to give up, thinking what the hell are you talking about, Kass??

So what do you think? Is it just me? Or was he once a promising columnist who’s now on permanent cruise control? Or was he always a hack and I never noticed before? Or is he brilliant and always was and I don’t know what I’m talking about?

Not just cruise control, but wordcounter syndrome. Bob Greene suffered from this ailment as well in his last decade. They have a counter on the computer terminal that tells when they’ve written enough words to fill up the column for the day and go home.

I agree…when Kass first took over Royko’s space, I thought he had some potential to fill Royko’s very large shoes. And, there are still some times when Kass seems to live up to his potential. But, yeah, too often, he doesn’t seem to be writing about much of anything (at least, not anything new or newsworthy).

I think he’s just trying too hard to out-Royko Royko. Give it up, Kass. Just be yourself!

He still has a job? Why?

Jeez, I like Kass. He is the only journalist in Chicago that actually calls out the crooks and the sleezeballs. Maybe I don’t read him enough to see that he is repetitious. But I do really like him when I read him.

Add me to the list of folk who thought he had promise early on, but quickly lost interest. Just curious, does anyone have any idea what ethnicity he is? :rolleyes:

For some reason, I think he’s Greek. But I don’t remember why I think that.