John McCain and Barack Obama NOT Qualified to Be President?

Just to first clarify what the U.S. Constitution has to say on the matter:

U.S. Constitution, Art. 2, Sect. 1

Okay, now why they are both not allegedly qualified to be president. McCain was allegedly born in Panama, Barack Obama in Kenya.

Here is another message board that brings up this very topic. Plus if I find anything more about it on the internet, I won’t hesitate to provide a link.

Yeah, it might sound silly to some. But I am still sorry Hillary Clinton didn’t get the nomination. With this information, maybe it isn’t too late.

Thank you in advance to all who reply:)

It’s too late.

Obama was born in Hawaii, so he’s an American citizen, period. This is not disputed by anyone sane, and his Web site even has a copy of his birth certificate to counter this rumor. McCain was born in the Panana Canal Zone to American citizens and is thus a citizen himself.

This has been beaten to death here and elsewhere, and shouldn’t be an issue at all. Both have been fully vetted.

While it’s a moot point for Obama or McCain, if someone was born to U.S. citizens on foreign soil would they be eligible for the presidency?

I was born in Istanbul Turkey to American citizens in the Foreign Service. Am I allowed to be president?

Seriously Jim B. – Do you really think this has not been scrutinized to microscopic levels by no one before this? That the US would allow the nomination of candidates who were Constitutionally ineligible to hold the Oval Office? Do you really think neither McCain or Obama wouldn’t be all over their opponent if there was so much as a question about their eligibility to be President?

I promise you, legally both candidates are well within the law to hold the office of POTUS.

McCain was born to US citizens on foreign soil (the Canal Zone was never US soil). If you didn’t need to be naturalized you are a natural born citizen. If your parents were US citizens and had lived in the US (I forget exactly how long to qualify) then you are a natural born US citizen and could run for President.

GQ threads addressing this for both candidates:
IS Obama a natural born US citizen?
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I would think so.

The Supreme Court has not ruled on it, so no one knows for sure.

The details have been filled in legally here so yeah…you would be eligible to run for President (assuming you met the age requirement):

To elaborate on this a little, the Canal Zone always remained legally part of the Republic of Panama, although the US by treaty was allowed to excercise sovereignty there. Simply being born in the Canal Zone did not confer US citizenship.

There was, however, one difference in regulations for US citizenship for those born in the Zone: A US citizen did not have to have been previously resident/physically present in the US in order to pass on citizenship to his or her children. Native-born Zonians could transmit citizenship through several generations without having ever lived in the US.

McCain is, however, regarded as native born by Panama, and would be eligible to run for president here in next year’s election if he so chooses.

Thanks, Whack-a-Mole and others.

John McCain was born at Coco Solo Naval Air Station and U.S. military bases are U.S. soil To American parents as well as has already been pointed out. Obama was born in an actual state as had already been pointed out as well. Proof: Hawaii became a state two years (1959) before Obama was born in Honolulu (1961).

Besides this, they both exceed 35 years of age and have lived in the U.S. for more than 14 years at some point of their lives. These are the only three requirements described by the Constitution. So to clarify, they are BOTH qualified to be President, unless you have a fight to pick with the ol’ Constitution.

This is totally wrong. Being a natural born citizen does NOT mean you have to be born in the USA.

What natural born means is that you’re a citizen and you didn’t have to take out your papers to be that way.

If a veteran in Iraq gets an Iraqi woman pregnant the child is an American the second it’s born. Why? Because one of his parents are a citizen.

He’s NATURAL BORN because he’s an American Citizen from birth and didn’t have to take out any papers to become a citizen.

We have been through all this before. Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

The issue isn’t whether McCain was a citizen when born, it’s whether he is a “natural born” citizen as required in The Constitution.

No, US military bases overseas are not United States soil.

This is an excellent backup plan.

IIRC only Embassies are US territory overseas. As noted here military bases are not hence Guantanamo Bay used to torture prisoners. It is not technically US territory and thus beyond jurisdiction of US courts…not an accident people ended up in Dubya’s private house of horrors there as opposed to being shipped into the US.

Well, the SCOTUS has not spoken on this but since it seems totally open to interpretation I’d say all is well and McCain can run. Federal law says so and since the Constitution is mum on that point why not? Someone has to determine eligibility; may as well be them. Willing to bet in this case the SCOTUS would agree and defer to the existing law.

As I have detailed elsewhere, I don’t believe McCain is eligible for the presidency, although it’s an open question. Obama certainly is.