John McCain, we are not dating, calling on a Saturday night is wrong

OK, I get it. You want to be president. Calling me at 9:00 PM on a saturday night is not the way to do that. You are not welcome to call me at 9:00 any night, now that I think about it.

Women who are dating me may call on a Saturday night. My Mom can. Friends who have known me well for years may. Acquaintances who have an emergency may.

You are not any of these. So stop fucking calling me.

Obama, I have my eye on you too - don’t get any funny ideas.

Heh. So last night my boyfriend and I were in WalMart and I had a sort of emergency where I had to leave him with our merchandise and run to the bathroom. There I am in my bathroom stall and one or the other campaigns calls me. At this point I cannot see who is calling and am pretty much powerless to answer the phone. How did I know that it was a presidential candidate? I recognized the number from the many other times that they have called.:smack:

Hey, some of us wish we [del]lived in important enough states[/del] were important enough to a presidential candidate to make them call or at least write every once in a while. I never did find out what Barack named his pet rock.

Someone with my number must have been registered Repub at one point, because we have received one robocall per day for the last two weeks (all McCain) and it’s sort of pissing me off. Why, no, disembodied voice, I would NOT like to join you in a lecture by Arlen Spectre. Again.

Not a lot of calls lately (thankfully) but I got THREE (I think they are different, I didn’t read them) anti-Obama flyers from the MN RNC yesterday in the mail. While they are correct that three flyers are 3 times more likely (0 *3) to influence me, it does seem a bit silly.

Actually a lot of the flyers I get are for smaller races - for State Representative I must have recieved at least 5 from eaxh side.


N9IWP, it’s been like that with me too. I’ve got a lot of fliers for State Senate, State Representative, US Senate, even the one county commissioner race going on. Not a single thing from either of the Presidential candidates.

The only phone calls I’ve got have been from the lesser races as well. All but one of those have been recordings. But just yesterday I got a live call from a phone bank person supporting Pat Roberts for the US Senate(I’m in Kansas) And that was a decent call too, just reminding me the hours of polling, encouraging me to vote at all, and that every vote(espeically for Roberts) is needed.

OK Obama you fucker, Sunday afternoon is no better than Saturday night. Stop calling me!

Try living in Ohio. I have received up to 14 calls in one day, most from McCain, and it looks like that number might increase by Tuesday. And I’ve had calls before 7 am and after 10 pm. The worst thing is that these calls sound like rumor-spreading and gossiping: "I have to tell you that Barack Obama . . . " or “You should know that Barack Obama . . .” or “You need to be aware that Barack Obama. . . .”

I’m tempted to move to a solidly non-swing state by 2012. Or just have my phone disconnected.

Personally, i think the national Do Not Call list should have made NO exemptions for charities, political parties, or surveys.

If i don’t want you to call me, then you shouldn’t call me. The fact that i don’t want to hear from you on my home telephone does NOT infringe on your First Amendment rights, even if you are a political candidate.

Dear gawd, I feel your pain! What are polticians thinking???

If I was already a supporter of Candidate X, you’re preaching to the choir.

If I wasn’t already a supporter of Candidate X or on the fence, do you think that bothering me upteen times a day with your inane taped messages is endearing you to me???

McCain doesn’t send me flowers, Obama doesn’t sing me love songs. They hardly talk to me anymore when I come through the door at the end of the day.

Living in CA has some definite advantages.

And Texas.

I didn’t even realize they did telephone campaigning.

I received a Robocall from the McCain camp at work. Well…it probably wasn’t for me as I am a registered democrat, but I answer the phone.

And since I live in Kansas, which rarely votes anything other than Republican for president, they weren’t calling me to do anything here. But I live close to the Missouri border you see, so I need to get my butt over there and start convincing the undecided Missourians to vote McCain.

I am really, really ready for this election to be over.

I hadn’t ever seen a single TV commercial for a presidential campaign, ever, until this year. I had no idea what they looked like. (I’ve lived in Maryland, California, Arizona and Texas, in that order.)

Obama’s people called incessantly, both live and robocalls, during the run-up to the Pennsylvania primary in March. Now? Not a buzz. Nothing from the McCain crew either. Philadelphia is majority black and solidly Democratic; it’s in Obama’s pocket.

What I have gotten in recent days is recorded calls from the governor, Bill Clinton, and the mayor, with similar wording, reminding me to vote for all the other Democrats as well–the downticket candidates. There’s been nothing about this so far from Obama. Maybe he prefers Republicans.

And IL. No calls and I’ve seen exactly ONE TV ad. I don’t watch a lot of TV.

It’s been great. I plug into the campaigns when I want to. Bliss.

My governor called and when I hung up the phone rang immediately - I didn’t even get my hand off the phone - it was Bill Clinton.

These people are seriously pissing me off today!

This thing sounds like it’s really getting out of hand. Congress needs to put a stop to this.

As a union worker, I’ve had tons of calls from my own union, a union someone stopped by yesterday, and they’ve been walking around at work trying to sign people up for something or other.

Met one representative who did his own door-knocking, nice young man I invited in for a coke. We talked about how much one can save with couponing, since that’s what I’d been clipping when he happened to knock.

About a half-dozen volunteers have called me in the past week.

Got a robocall from Barack today for the first time, very strong and sexy voice. I’m hoping to get one from Bill Clinton to compare and contrast the sexiness quotient of their recorded messages. :smiley:

You’ll probably prefer Obama. Bill’s a lot older, remember, and has had health problems; his voice is starting to show it.