John Rocker has been traded!

Well, as far as the Braves bullpen goes, I’m sorry to see him go. He knows how to pitch.

On a personal note – Adios, shithead. The Braves announcers are pussyfooting around about not saying whats going on or why, but they talked about some behind the scenes problems.

He went to Cleveland, for “a player or players to be named later”.

Kinda strange.

I can’t say I have complete confidence in Kerry Lightenberg being the Braves closer.

Like anyone’s going to let him live down his comments?

On the other hand, losing a qualified closer always sucks.

The Braves are getting setup men Steve Reed and Steve Karsay, according to I don’t know much about Reed, but I always wonder when Karsay’s arm is going to fall off, given his past troubles with injuries.

ACK ACK ACK I’m fainting here! My redneck traded? Like we had talent coming out the wazoo in the bullpen. What were they thinking? Why aren’t there some bats in a trade deal?

Guess I should have waited two days to buy that Rocker shirt at the stadium. Could have gotten a good deal. damn damn damn.

Oy Veh Oy Veh. Questions Questions. What were they thinking. On the other hand I do wonder how Cleveland is taking the news.

U wanna know what would be cruel? make him a Yankee! That’s cruel to NY and to him… lol

As much as I hate the third place Braves, I’m rather dismayed for purely selfish reasons: Rocker is my top reliever in a fantasy team of mine. If he’s moving to setup duty for the Tribe, I’m in trouble. I need saves, not holds.

Anyway, I’ll miss his blown saves as much as the next Phillies fan. :slight_smile:

I find the fact that he got traded from one politically incorrect team (Braves) to another (Indians) somewhat, shall we say, “appropo”.

Montfort, my dear boy – You’re just wrong. Check the standings. Tied for 2nd, not third place. How’s Florida? 8-1? Jeezus. That’s almost as bad as we embarassed the Mets last night. And you enjoy that lead, I give it two weeks, tops, before it’s gone.

See you in Philly on Monday! :slight_smile:

Karsay will close for Atlanta, Rocker will be the lefthanded powere guy for Cleveland, Reed will throw tons of ground balls in middle relief.

Nothing against Karsay and Reed but I would have preferred a bat in return.

You can take this FWIW, but the Braves/Mets game is on Fox right now, and the announcers just said there are rumors of the Braves trying to bring back Andres Gallaraga from Texas, move Wes Helms to 3rd, and move Chipper to the OF, which I guess would but Surhoff’s ass on the bench.

I’d have no complaints. :slight_smile:

Now that is scary. G’s current BA is 218, OB 302, SLG 393. Might as well keep the washed up first-baseman they have. Me, I play Helms all the time at 1st and look for a OF or if you feel you have to move Chipper, then get someone who’s cheap and not 65 years old, like Durazo.

I’m fortunate enough to have Rocker and Rivera as my RPs in my Fanstasy BB league. But fear not. From the cleveland Press:

Here’s an article ifn ya think I’m making this up.

All stats are not lost in Fantasy land.

jcgmoi, do you know for sure that Karsay will close for Atlanta? That was my feeling as well, but they could just as easily go with Ligtenberg or Remlinger. I’d like to get this figured out ahead of time so I can grab Karsay (or whoever) for my team(s) for a saves boost.

mouthbreather, they’ve been talking about moving Chipper to the OF and Helms to 3B for a while. I hadn’t heard the Galarraga rumor, but that wouldn’t be that bad of an idea IMHO. Galarraga started off the year pretty strong, but he got benched when he started slumping because Texas has got a surplus of guys to fit into the lineup. I think if you brought the Big Cat back to the NL where he made his resurgence, he’d do fine.

And anyway, the Braves’ offense can’t get any worse than it already is. Reminds me of the A’s-- Hudson goes the distance, allowing 2 runs on 5 hits, striking out 11, and they lose. Sounds like Pedro syndrome to me.

Nah, too complex a trade for the Big Cat. Texas would want Pitching since theirs sucks. I’d see a three-way for that to happen. I’d agree with jcgmoi and go for a younger first baseman. Durazo has the potential, the talent, the BAT, and a part time position with Arizona.

Now Chipper, well they were considering moving him to OF way back during spring training. I would have liked to have seen that to make room for a rookie.

Yes, I’m of the belief that the Braves are a bit on the old side in key positions. :rolleyes:

White Lightning: Yeah, Karsay is slated to close for Braves. Cox and Mazzone have lost confidence in Ligtenberg (K/W rate way down) and Rem is IMO best suited for set-up.

It all boils down to money.

My Indians love Karsay, but next year he’ll make $9 mil in free agency. We got Rocker(at $1.9 mil for the next 2.5 years.) Hopefully Rocker can pitch equal to Karsay.

Since Bob Wickman’s super-pissed that the Indians more or less gave his job away, Atlanta could grab him next season and have the Bullpen of Steel.

talk to the Yankees. They just acquired Jay Witasick from San Diego. As if their bullpen needed to get better.

A well-traveled pitcher who couldn’t cut it as a starter like Witasick? Not exactly the most dramatic improvement.

God! I love it when they start running scared. Indians fooled 'em again.