[John Sterling] The Yankees WIN. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees WIN! [/John Sterling]

How sweet it is.

Andy, Boomer, Derek, Godzilla, Jorge, Bernie, Mariano, et al.,
Thanks for another great season & a great championship series (not to mention the proceed$ from the wager$).

True, I still consider you highly over-rated, Torre - but at least you reshuffled the line-up and used every middle relief tool you had at your disposal.

And Yeah, Rocket - I guess a small part of me didn’t wanna see your last appearance on the mound to be such a sour one - even though I still consider you a Bosock. Your determination and work ethic are admirable, even if you are a prick.

To Fox Sports,
If you want us to unmute the audio for the WS, cut the crap with those stupid sound FX, and please muzzle McCarver.

Oh yeah, to all you Beantowners and Red Sox fans: It’s not a curse, it’s all about quality. See you again next year.


My heart is broken as it is. Damn Yankees.

Maybe for consolation, I’ll find that baseball sim webpage and put the 1918 Red Sox against the current Yankees and feel better with the resulting crushing victory.

No, it would be too hollow.

I hate the Yankees.

Why would you want to muzzle McCarver? He’s the biggest Yankmee fan there is! :rolleyes:

I humbly disagree that he’s overrated. If Baker or Little had known how to use their pens in a game 7 (unlike McKeon and Torre), their teams might still be playing.
Why is he overrated?

Torre’s had good teams over the years, but he’s still done what he needed to and won with them. Was there a big talent gap between the Yanks and Sox this year? I don’t think so. I think the teams have been similarly close in talent the last few years, and the Yankees have come out on top. The manager has to get SOME credit for that.

Is it possible for BOTH the Yankees and Marlins to lose the World Series? That’s what I would like to see happen.