John Wiley Price YOU go to hell!! (RO)

Seriously dude, you’re a fucking idiot. You’re an embarrassment to Dallas county and you’re an embarrassment to all Blacks everywhere. How the fuck you got to be Dallas commissioner is beyond me.

JWP acting like an ass

JWP defending his assertion that “black hole” is racist.

And his latest gem: All us White folk can go to hell.

For as long as he’s been around, he’s been a crazy loon. I don’t understand why anyone ever expects anything sane out of him. He should’ve been booted long ago.

He looks a bit like the Make 7 Up Yours guy.

I liked his defense of his belief that black hole was racist. “Why didn’t scientist call it a white hole?” JWP has been crazy for years. He was crazy when I lived in Dallas but the people who vote for him obviously like him.

Just remember, just because someone tells you to go to hell doesn’t mean you have to go.

I wonder why he’d object that scientists refer to what might be the most powerful, dominant force in the universe with the adjective “black”.



The guy’s an ass but if “Chief Mullah of Dallas county” doesnt strike you as racist words, you’re probably the guy that muttered them.

I’m only passingly familiar with Price (from the “black hole” incident), but that (and using the term “tribal area”) seems like pretty clear race-baiting, unless there’s some literal connection to Islam or Africa that I’m missing. Seems more like a tenuous “Price is an asshole with brown skin so let’s associate him with those brown-skinned Muslim assholes” sort of implication.

To make matters worse, Price was apparently too stupid to even understand the word being used, and allegedly though the guy was saying “moolah/moolie,” an even more direct racial slur.


I’m never quite sure why this should be the case.

I’m white, and i don’t consider white supremacists as a source of embarrassment to me simply because we share the same complexion. I believe in civil rights, and i also believe that racism is still a problem in the United States, but John Wiley Price causes me no embarrassment.

Yeah, i looked up Price’s Wiki entry, and it makes no mention of him being a Muslim, nor as “someone trained in religious law and doctrine.” Price might be a jackass, but anyone who refers to a dark-skinned politician as a mullah clearly intends some sort of offense by it.

He’s a prominent black person, and presumably other blacks like him and vote for him. Race seems to be a huge issue, with some people who will vote only for candidates that are the same race (this goes for ALL races, by the way). What really makes JWP stand out is his notorious temper (he’s assaulted a couple of people) and the fact that he’ll call ANY action against a black person racist. Doesn’t matter what the action is, or whether or not it was actually motivated by racism, he’ll play that race card.

Sometimes he’s right, and it IS racism. But too often he’s wrong.

And it’s a pity, because he’s actually pretty intelligent, and if he isn’t seeing racist boogiemen everywhere, he has some pretty good ideas.

I think your second sentence is correct, but my argument remains. If some white politician makes an asshole of himself, i don’t think that this should be a cause of embarrassment for “all [Whites] everywhere,” as the OP suggested. And, in fact, no-one would even suggest that it should.

If Price is an asshole and a fool, then that should maybe cause embarrassment for the people who voted him into office, but he certainly shouldn’t be considered an embarrassment to “all Blacks everywhere.”

Dude, lighten up. Its called hyperbole. Maybe it’s just a personal thing but every time I see a news story that involves a white guy committing a violent hate crime against a black person; I always think to myself: “Thanks asshole for setting us back a hundred years.”

There are other factors that play into this as well but I’m too tired to explain it to you right now.

They’re probably (don’t know the county precinct / congressional district overlap) the same dumb shits that re-elected Eddie Bernice Johnson after her corruption was uncovered- a combination of nepotism and favoritism.
What is it about south Dallas and venal, corrupt politicians? They seem to breed like fungus down there.

Or Chicago and Detroit for that matter?

I thought this was going to be about ridiculously expensive textbooks. :frowning:

Since it’s likely going to be quite difficult to find info about him that isn’t race related, could you tell me more about his good ideas?

I don’t know. I know there are Muslims who are black, but when I think Muslim, the first thing that pops in my head is Arab, not black. That’s the stereotype I have, at least, and I thought that was the common stereotype of a Muslim.