John Williams (actor in SABRINA) and TV commercials?

Maybe these TV ads only played in Los Angeles in the 1970’s but here we go… does anyone recall these ads, what company were they for, and am I even thinking of the correct actor?,+John+(II)&source=mptv

I recall an ad that ran for years on TV when I was growing up. It featured a disguised looking and sounding British guy (I think he was John Williams, Sabrina’s father in the 1950’s version). He was selling classic music albums. The pitch was “Did you know that many of today’s popular songs are actually classical masterpieces?” These albums were compellations of the classical pieces that certain pop songs were based on. (I wish I could come up with a better example, but a bad example would be how the song “Once Upon a Dream” in the Disney version of SLEEPING BEAUTY is actually music from Tchaikovski’s “Sleeping Beauty” suite. That’s a bad example because the songs in the ad in question had no such direct correlation. It would be like “Gimme that Love” is actually Spaganini’s 4th Concerto – you get it.)


Or that “slow-walking bird with the intermittent skip” in the old Warner Bros. cartoons is moving to something by Mozart.

I remember that commercial, and I’m on a different ocean from LA. I can sure as hell picture John Williams in that commercial, but (after looking at IMDB, and seeing that he died in the early 80s) I wonder “Has it been that long?” Maybe it was someone else–but it sure seems like him.

(Not to be confused with conductor John Williams)