JohnClay tries to sing

“We wish you a Merry Christmas”
“John, that is beautiful. You’re really putting me in the Christmas spirit.”
“Are you angel? I felt like a rainbow just flowed through my ears! That was beautiful!”

“Behind Blue Eyes” (A while ago I was thinking about auditioning with that song on Australian Idol)
“Wow John, you have a very interesting voice. Never stop singing.”

“Silent Night”
“Sounds like a carol singer who has come to harvest my skin.”
“Cheers John. That was lovely.”

Reported. (Advertising your blog/channel/website is against the EULA)

Also reported myself for junior modding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t mention my blog or website. Though I quoted people from a website that I never mentioned. Those comments aren’t on the vocaroo website. is similar to youtube but is more convient for me for audio. I’m not trying to advertise it.

I don’t have a channel on vocaroo - I just upload things anonymously.

BTW none of it is in my blog.

so - how do we know if real people made them?

The reason I included them was to inspire people to come up with their own comments.

so - shilling for yourself?

that doesn’t answer the question.

I guess the only way you would “know” would be if you saw the comments for yourself. Though it might still be possible that “real” people didn’t make them.

Nope. You are not good at singing.

I’m not going to cushion that with a “sorry” or anything. I believe those who encourage bad singing by not telling the truth are a dearth to us all. Or truly tone deaf themselves. They were being nice to you and I guess that’s nice and all, but no. If you really enjoy singing, then all I can say is you need lessons.

And yes, I tell people that IRL, too. Singing on the bus, train, sidewalk? I’ll tell you to keep your day job if it’s not good.

Guys, guys, if you didn’t click any links, there’s no shilling here. Believe that fo’ sho’.

John, you’ve been really prolific on the board in the last few days. And whilst in itself that is not a bad thing, your singing REALLY is a bad thing dude. It’s awful, and the comments you received were intentionally ironic mate.

Please, go back on your meds, or get them changed to ones that work. Because you are doing yourself a great disservice posting here at the moment, and in fact your membership (if I read correctly) is up for review as well.

Take care, Happy New Year, and DON’T SING anymore, OK?

Yeah I know. My range is really bad and I’m not very in tune. Maybe they sense a certain sense of humanity.

What do you mean? Do you think I’m making money from people clicking the links?

The ‘shilling’ is the made up comments that he ‘copied’ from some un-named source made by some un-named people - thats exactly what a ‘shill’ is or does -

now that you and kambuckta have viewed the songs and declared him to “not be good” here - that will drive more curiosity to his ‘singing’ - and more honest/ironic/negative feedback to him - which is exactly what he wants -

So, the shill worked - on multiple levels.

eta - has nothing to do with ‘making money’ - has to do with drawing interest to a thing - in this case, an apparent train wreck.

I kind of like William Hung: (though perhaps he thinks he is ok?)

He became somewhat successful and song quite a few albums… I’m wondering if I could do that one day… that’s why I chose the “Behind Blue Eyes” song to possibly audition with…

Also the topic is “tries to” rather than claiming I actually can sing.

I think at least one of the people liked it…

I don’t think my behaviour involves any big mental illness. Perhaps a personality disorder.


So I guess you don’t want to hear the recording of me singing Prince’s “Cream”?

I tried not to mention the source because I’ve been in trouble before for doing things like that

proves absolutely nothing.

So you think I just photoshopped that?

These two sentences contradict one another.

(And take it from one bad singer to another – don’t quit your day job)