Johnny Carson August 25 1987 deleted name in joke

Jackson is mentioned in the line about how many democrats there are right before this, so it wouldn’t work.

Has anyone else considered the possibility that the name being deleted was part of the joke, thus always present?

To make the joke work, it has to be somebody perfect except for the fact that he’s running as a Democrat. Probably Jesus.

It sounded like it was electronically garbled afterward. And not what the studio audience would have heard.

Which does not discount the possibility that there is no footage of a non-garbled version for mass consumption.

I think it was heard appropriately when originally broadcast. Back then, they “BEEEEEEEEP” material. later methods use the garbled technique.

They reversed the audio on the name. It’s Jesse Jackson.

Here is the entire quote including Jackson in the set up:

How many can remember the names of the 7 democratic candidates. I get lost. There’s Hart, Dukakis, Babbitt, Jackson, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy.
Yeah, well to give an idea of how much trouble the democrats are in the experts say that [deleted] is ahead, and he is unelectable.

So it doesn’t make any sense at all to mention Jackson in the setup if Jackson is going to be the punchline. Plus there is no offensive reason to delete Jackson’s name.

I respectfully disagree that it was Jesse Jackson.

It makes perfect sense if Carson is citing “the experts.” In other words, he’s giving their opinion, not his. So it isn’t even really a joke.

I can only speculate that powers sympathetic to Jackson lobbied to have his name altered; or, it was done to avoid a potential lawsuit.

I will most definitely change my mind if someone can capture the clip, ‘unreverse’ it and play it correctly…if that is truly how it was garbled. I’d also gladly accept other hard evidence that it was Jackson. Carson was a master joke teller, any name not mentioned in the set up would be a better fit.

“Jesus” sounds more plausible as something that would disturb a group of people

Here’s the clip, first as it is in the video, followed by the exact section unreversed using audio editing software. The garbled part is Jesse Jackson.

If it is “Jesse Jackson” it wasn’t deleted for offense nor for not being funny, but rather for making absolutely no sense.

Welllll…sunovagun!..I will absolutely accept this as the correct answer! Thanks for doing this and will concede that Jesse Jackson is the correct answer.

No wonder it didn’t get a laugh. “Elvis” would have been funnier.

weird that they decided to garble it.

Maybe it was something like “Jesus” but Johnny or the cue card writer screwed up the line and it was scrubbed out of mere embarrassment.

Can you post or send me this file? It says the file does not exist when I click on the link. Just watched the episode, and trying to figure out who’s name was deleted, and came across this message board. Thanks!

I don’t have the file but a year and half ago, I apparently captured the audio, played it backwards and it is definitely Jesse Jackson.

Okay cool thanks! Was thinking it might be Biden

I found the file I made two years ago (time flies). The scrambled name is Jesse Jackson. Here it is:

So, something that was fine to broadcast, on TV, 30 years ago, is now bleeped out?

We’re regressing.

(WeTV edits out the oddest things from L&O. And that show was prime time broadcast TV)