Johnny Cash: A Hundred Highways

It’s no secret that I love this man, and there have been many threads in which I participated and posted my respect for the “American”- produced Cash by Rick Rubin.

I truly believe Rubin captured the spirit of Johnny Cash in his later years, and although I got to know him recorded on Columbia, I feel I now know him on a more intimate level, and I wish all those Columbia sessions had been Rubin’s to produce.

Foolishly, I thought The Man Comes Around was John’s last gift to us. “After all”, I said to myself, “he was sick and it was very evident in his voice how much he was hurting.”

But I underestimated the greatness and the strength that is Johnny Cash, and so I was thrilled to learn of this cd and also the Unearthed box set he compiled with Rick just prior to his passing.

So tonight I am writing this as I am listening to A Hundred Highways , and I am touched to the point of tears as I listen to the man singing Help Me and Rose of My Heart.

I know that soon (if not already) we will be inundated with commercials touting “The Complete Johnny Cash for three easy installments of $29.99, satisfaction guaranteed!!!”

So for now I will immerse myself in the knowledge that I have “discovered” a little more of the love that was Johnny Cash, and pretend he’s still here and telling us he’ll see us a little “Further On Up The Road”.



Nothing to add, I just wanted to say “Thanks” Quasimodem, for the memories.

I am, and have been, since 1965, a huge Johnny Cash fan. We will not see his like, or his wife’s (June Carter Cash) again.

I have yet to pick this up, but will definitely be doing so sometime this week. Glad to hear that it’s a fitting swan song (not that I had many doubts it wouldn’t be, mind you). And as for the “The Complete Johnny Cash for three easy installments of $29.99, satisfaction guaranteed!!!”
well, he seems to already have at least a dozen greatest hits and collections out already. One collection I would recommend though, is Murder, which compiles some of his more popular and not so popular songs about death, prison and uh, well, murder.

Really a fabulous record because of its simplicity.