Johnny Walker Blue Label in Phoenix?

My mom and her husband like Johnny Walker Blue Label, but they don’t buy it because it’s so expensive. Since they don’t need anything, I’ve been buying them a bottle of Blue Label as a Christmas present for the last couple of years. Here’s the rub: They are now living in Phoenix, and I’m in Washington. Blue Label is not available in Washington state. (Something about it not being on the state list of what the state sells.) So I thought maybe I could find a liquor store in Phoenix that sells it and buy my mom and her husband a gift certificate so they can pick it up.

Do any of our fine Phoenix Dopers know of a liquor store that A) stocks Johnny Walker Blue Label, B) has reasonable prices, and C) sells gift certificates?

Today is actually my roomate’s 21st birthday so I’ll look for you when I go buy her a bottle after work.

You can order it online at and have it delivered.

I know I’d be tickled to death to have the mailman hand me a $160 bottle of booze!

You can also check the site and see if they have a store in the area. It might be easier to send them a gift card.

Here you go Johnny - this cite has a list of several liquor stores that will have blue label. They are all over the Valley, so choose the one closest to your parents. Don’t forget that Safeway and Fryes will have blue label too, and may be willing to deliver. :slight_smile:

Thanks, voguevixen. I looked at their shipping map, and it looks as if they might not be able to ship spirits to Arizona. I’ve sent them an e-mail to ask.

Phlosphr: Nice list! So the next question is…

My mom lives on W. Ross Ave. in Peoria, AZ (which I think is a suburb of Phoenix). Does anyone know which of the stores on Phlosphr’s link is closest to that location? (“Sorry. No listing found,” when I searched on Peoria.)

I did some more checking, and it looks like Arizona prohibits the shipping of spirits by out-of-state distributors. Time to look for a gift certificate.

I emailed you the pertinent liquor stores in their area…I hope you get the mail. If not let me know and I’ll repost them.

Thanks, Phlosphr. I’ll check them out.