Johnsonville chorizo.

Hmm I saw this stuff at the store and got some, because I have been going through chorizo disappointment, The fresh Mexican style to be precise.

The only stuff I have been able to find around here is the really cheap assholes and spit glands type, which has a wierd off flavor and texture, plus the spices are poor.

It seems weird going to the Taco Bell of sausages for ‘real ethnic’ stuff. But, I am actually kind of excited about this, compared to my other options. I am sure they use their normal pork selection, which is acceptable. And if the only issue with the spices is not hot enough, I have about 25 things in my cupboard and fridge to remedy that. But the real test will be the other spices, did they use the right ones, and did it mix into the meat properly. If this is bratwurst with paprika, I am going to be disappointed,(the ingredients only say natural and artificial spices).

Well it is thawing, and tomorrow morning I shall put it through the paces in Huevos and Chorizo to see its mettle. Has anybody tried it and have a review yet?

Awaiting update.

I think we can assume the Johnsonville Chorizo claimed yet another victim.

From what I have seen of Johnsonville sausage, there appears to be too much fat in it compared to even the store brand of the supermarket I shop at (Great Canadian Superstore’s “President’s Choice” brand). It doesn’t look at all appetizing, so I don’t bother with it.

If you can’t find it at your local supermarket or even a meat market, why not make your own? Ground pork is easy enough to find anywhere, as are the spices that are required; just make it into patties instead of making links. I have tried the following recipe and it’s not too bad, but I confess that I actually use more spice than suggested.

Quick & Easy Mexican Chorizo
Serves 8


1 lb pork, ground
1 Tbsp red chile peppers, ground
1/2 tsp coriander, ground
1/4 tsp cloves, ground
1/4 tsp black pepper, ground
1/4 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp cumin, ground
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp salt


Thoroughly mix spices together in a small bowl. Add to ground pork and stir or knead by hand until spices are evenly mixed. Cover and refrigerate to blend flavors.
Wrap unused chorizo in small portions and freeze for later use .

Mixed results. Not a bad product, and If you asked me blind I would have been able to identify it as Chorizo. But very bland on all the spices, and something was just missing that I couldn’t identify.

I wanted to give it a full test, so I prepared last night with suitable quantities of hangover juice. My Huevos con Chorizo morphed into a full skillet of Chorizo, eggs, potatoes, Chilies, red onions, and cheddar and Jack. Basically a breakfast burrito, but I had no Tortillas so I ate it skillet style. The Sausage just couldn’t stand up to the rest and was lost and meek. The texture was good though and added what it was supposed to.

It was much better than the other Chorizos I have found around here, and I will be buying it again most likely out of lack-of-options, but all in all maybe a C+ Chorizo.

I know how it is. My wife and I live 30 feet from a Mexican market that makes excellent chorizo. It’s hanging from foil-covered rods behind the butchers, you indicate how many pounds you want, they cut it off. I’m pretty sure it is made fresh every day, maybe more often. It is amazing, and I make a truly excellent huevos con chorizo.

Every attempt to duplicate it with packaged chorizo has proven a disappointment.

Aren’t you in Denver? If so, you have millions of options for chorizo if you don’t restrict your shopping to King Soopers. Go to any Mexican market or tortilleria. Great stuff is out there! I used to get these great breakfast burritos from a stand in a hardware store parking lot, and I asked the guy where he got his. It was from a small tortilleria in Lafayette. Awesome stuff, made fresh daily.

We get this locally (In NC, but we got in NJ too.) My wife’s family is from Spain and this is what they buy here.

Unfortunately I’m in Michigan these days. Denver does have great Chorizo which I what I am trying to find out here.

That’s quite different than the Mexican style fresh chorizo the OP is looking for, though.

Ah, understand. I lived in Wisconsin for five years. Chi-Chi’s is what passed for Mexican food. Surely things must have gotten better since then?

Hmm. I read the OP wrong. I thought he was saying he was disappointed with the Mexican variety.

Don’t know if Detroit is around where you are, but you might read the reviews of a market in the Detroit area.