"Join us for the first and only pro-American film festival in the country."

Is this film festival a freakin joke? Are people of any political leaning serious about this event?

This borders on the absurd! No, it well crosses it.

I find it more sad than absurd that people actually still fall for this pro-Bush = pro-America bullshit.

But it’s absolutely hysterical that they have Timothy Bottoms playing Bush in that movie, just a couple years after he played Bush as a complete buffoon on the short-lived ‘That’s My Bush!’ show.

By sad do you mean scary?

Do people realize how quickly our standards of political debate are slipping into newspeak?

Sad AND scary, now that you mention it.

Man, I wish I was Timothy Bottoms. That’s hilarious. I really wish That’s My Bush had started up again. They took it off the air after 9/11, but they shoulda put it back on by now.

I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think ‘That’s My Bush’ was cancelled from low ratings before 9/11.

That wasn’t the official story at the time.

They halted production in August. The 9/11 story was a convenient for them, granted. It wasn’t a bad show; The secretary chick was hot, and while most of the humor was too predictable, it did have it’s moments.

Reno 911 blows it away, though. (As did Primetime Glick, but those cocknobs cancelled that.)

I found this article, dated August 3 2001, reporting the cancellation.

Here’s one from August 8, 2001
that says it was cancelled because of the expense.

No doubt though, it would have been cancelled a month later if it had lasted that long.

Maybe not, but it’s true. From here:

9/11 just killed the reruns, apparently.

Sounds like a job for Mike and the 'Bots. That might make it actually enjoyable.

If America’s Heart and Soul is any indication, this will be as successful as a radioactive jockstrap.

The problem with “rah-rah American jingoism” stuff is that it requires the viewers to have unquestioning support for the nation – and the United States is a nation that’s not founded on unquestioning support for anybody. Every aspect of the American government is built on distrust and suspicion; we have checks and balances because the Founding Fathers didn’t want any one part of this country to be able to wield control over the whole. The only thing a “pro-American film festival” is going to succeed in doing is inducing an involuntary gag reflex in the collective psyche of the nation.

God conservatives are pathetic.

Did Bush recently convert to conservatism?

Sponsored by WorldNetDaily? I’m so there!


Bolding is mine–says it all, doesn’t it? Note to potential attendees of this movie–movie theatres are where they really like to work on you with the brain rays, since you’re sitting up and sitting still for so long, so you’d better add a couple layers of tinfoil before the festival. And don’t forget, the shiny side goes out…