Join with me for a thrilling episode of the saga

Ay yi yi. I never thought I’d see the day when I was referred to as “the sane one.” This despite the fact that my so-called friends are making me NUTS! I have had to leave out a LOT of details, because to include all of them would make this post approximately the length of War and Peace–it’s loooong as it is, please bear with me.

I have these two friends, let’s call them “Jane” and “Betty.” I’ve known Jane for 2-1/2 years now; she and I transferred to this school the same year and live in the same house (my college doesn’t have traditional dorms but smaller houses with between 10-70 residents; my house has 11). Jane and I have been through a lot together and we have become good friends. Now, Jane has, to put it gently, a screw or two loose. She’s my best friend, but she’s a bit of a wacko. She has other friends, but I’m really the only one who can put up with her consistently, and I think I’m the only one she really opens up to. Betty arrived last year and also lives in the same house as Jane and me. Jane and Betty are from the same neck of the woods and are very similar in temperament, and the three of us became pretty good friends last year.

This year, Betty got a bug up her ass for reasons still unknown to the rest of us and decided she didn’t like Jane any more. The two of them have been fighting for, oh, about 6 weeks. I told Jane that I will not choose between my friends and that I refused to get in the middle, that they needed to sort out whatever it was between the two of them. Betty went though a period of apparently being pissed off at the entire world and basically antagonized everyone else in the house, thus expanding the conflict beyond her and Jane.

A few days ago, Jane and Betty were scheduled for a meeting with a college staff member to try to resolve the problems between them. Jane called me up, almost hysterical, saying if I didn’t see her again, she’d leave me a note telling me what to do with her stuff. After a minute or two, I discovered the meeting hadn’t even happened yet, so I spent almost an hour talking her down off the emotional ledge, trying to get her to not decide how it was going to be before it happened. At the meeting, Betty didn’t show, Jane had a meltdown because she felt she was being unfairly singled out (remember Betty was annoying everyone else too), plus some lingering childhood trauma that this incident apparently triggered, and ended up spending the night in the infirmary.

Today, “Mary,” our house president/head resident, came to me in tears because Jane wrote her a rather nasty letter blaming her for all the trouble. Apparently, Jane expected Mary to intervene with Betty on her behalf because she was unable (read:unwilling) to confront Betty herself. Now Mary is ready to quit and move to another house because she’s fed up with getting stuck in the middle of other people’s problems; she’s only unofficially our head resident because nobody else wanted the job because this house is full of CRAZY PEOPLE! I, being the only person left she can talk to, have now become her personal wailing wall as well. I tried to stay out of the middle of Jane vs Betty, now I’m stuck in the middle of Jane vs Mary!

[sub]Help me.[/sub]

Whoops, forgot about the quotes in the thread title bug–it should read “High Drama” at the end.

Well, this does sound exciting. From the sounds of it, no one in the house is enamored of “Betty” at this point, so it sounds like the easiest thing to do would be to trade her to some other dorm in exchange for a neurotic to be named later.

Get “Jane” into therapy (or better therapy if she’s in it already) because going into meltdowns based on a dorm tiff is not something mentally healthy people do. The school should have a mental health program.

Get “Jane” to apologize to “Mary” for the letter.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break away from it all. Maybe the smoke will have cleared somewhat by the time you get back.

Days like that serve to show me exactly why some people think it best to solve all their problems via high caliber gun. Or, if you are the more hands on type, a baseball bat.

Some people are hard to convince that they are the source of their own problems. I doubt it would win you confidence points with them, but speaking bluntly about their problems being their own fault might help. Use tact only if necessary.

I was so certain this story was leading to lesbian sex…oh well, maybe the next one…

Wow, I guess posting in the “feel sorry for me” thread really worked!

I just spoke to Mary, and from the looks of things, neither Jane nor Betty will be living in this house next semester. I’m keeping my fingers crossed anyway. I mean, they’re both friends of mine, but they’re both out of their minds (hmmm…what does that say about me?) and prone to cause trouble. Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of them just yet; this college has rather arcane rules about changing houses/rooms, and you can only do it at certain times during the semester.

Jane has had mounds of therapy. She is just profoundly screwed up–I know a good deal about her family, and they are Not Nice People. I’m just glad I didn’t meet her before she had all that therapy, 'cause I’m sure she was much worse before.

Omni, I’m so terribly sorry to disappoint you. I’ll try to do better next time.

Well, I’m off to Colorado tomorrow, so the hell with them, I’m going skiing!