Joined the Liberal Gun Club

Liberal Gun Club. I want to support the second amendment but I ditched the NRA decades ago when it was clear they were solidly behind right wing politicians, exclusively. I am all about promoting gun safety and responsible ownership. Hoping LGC is what I’ve been wishing for.
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I’ve lurked there but haven’t joined. I know at least one Doper posts there.

You want to see right wing, check out the GoA! I am unclear how the LGC (or GoA) actually supports 2A rights though beyond lip service. It seems the SAF are the main guys doing it on the judicial level right now, while the NRA-PVF does it indirectly.

Keep in mind that the NRA (e.g. not the PVF or ILA) is still primarily a safety education group.

Yeah, the NRA is seen as a boogeyman by some, but I still don’t see it. They’re just the most prominent face of the gun lobby, so anti-gun lobbyists demonize them. But I haven’t seen much specifically to criticize them for, except the occasional boneheaded remark by leadership.

I love normalizing the idea that gun rights are not a partisan issue. The majority of the country supports those rights. This isn’t a red vs blue thing. I would be considered “liberal” on many issues and I support gun rights. And I think it’s a good idea to let both our conservative and our liberal friends know that.

Well, I was an NRA Benefactor member for close to 30 years up until early last year. I had been pretty disgusted with their leadership and the complete Republican policy mentality that had nothing to do with gun ownership. When Wayne LaPierre took over and the shit started, I promised myself I would not give them another dime until it stopped, and I honestly (foolishly) thought this crap would pass. Then at long last it was just inertia until I made the active decision to look up how to resign (you have to do it in a specific manner) and did so.

When I look at their leadership, I see that it consists of the insane, the criminal and the corrupt. Names like Ted Nugent, Oliver North, Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, etc. These are not people I would have representing me in ANY capacity.

So I’ll have to look at this.

Look, Riv, assuming that your cognomen isn’t a false fig operation, I’m kinda with you. Take a .22 long down to the arroyo, some beer cans and plink away, good clean fun. Responsibly emptied beer cans, mind you. Nothing wrong with a hippy and a gun, but a hippy, a gun, and a bunch of beer is pushing it.

Good first step , if you have CHL/CCW/CWP then find a good School with training classes and take "Street Pistol Level 1 " class then take a “Tactical Carbine Fighting Class Level 1” if you have an AR 15 or AK/AKM pattern weapon then move on to level 2 classes in each .

I’d rather have the one about protecting myself against the man armed with a banana. I don’t have any interest in becoming more dangerous.

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Vehicle deaths, laws, nah, education is the answer.
Motorcycle deaths, laws, nah, education is the answer.
Un-needed gun deaths, laws, nah, education is the answer.

All the above, education will fix except for the stupid who can not/ will not learn.

Ever hear of a criminal wanting less gun control.

Chose your world.

Carefully… :wink: