Joining the Vatican Gaurd

I missed the Spanish Inquisition, and I was far too young to join the crusades. So my question is this, how can a young Catholic merge religious fervor and a love of weaponry? More to the point, how would I join the Vatican Guard? With the whole celibacy thing going on, I doubt there is a large pool of post-pubescent teens in the Vatican. Where do they draw their members from?

They’re called the Swiss Guard and they wear funky uniforms.

I see that link didn’t have admission requirements…hmmm.

Try here

Am I going mad? I posted to this thread (along with someone else) and both of our posts are gone.

This is a duplicate thread that was already started (and answered) a half hour ago over here

thanks peepthis. I really thought I was losing it.

I, however, didn’t read far enough down the page to see the other one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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