Jon Brion is pretty friggin' awesome

Every Friday night, down at the Largo in Hollywood, Jon Brion does a musical act that can only be described as the ultimate incarnation of one-man aural presentation. The man is a master of several instruments, and builds the drum beat, piano, bass, and guitar (and any other noise he wants to make) on a looping machine, so his songs start off incredibly simple and wind up cacophonously complicated.

He seems to know just about everything musical, and takes requests during his act… and from what I’ve seen and heard, he knows a vast musical library that he can play off the top of his head. Or he add his own twist. A buddy of mine saw him perform a loung-singer style version of Psycho Killer, f’rinstance.

It’s kinda crazy. He’s this odd little man with such a strange persona, like he lives solely for his music. I’m telling ya, it’s no wonder P.T. Anderson asks Brion to do his musical scores.

Anybody else ever see him perform?

Nope, but I’d love to. I love his work with Fiona Apple - I read an article somewhere that she considers the albums to be both of theirs, but the label only allows her to release them under her name because she is the attractive one…