Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

I’ve just recently discovered this band, and I really like them. A lot. A buddy made me a mix CD and I’ve been listening to it frequently for the last few weeks. I have just now decided that the thing I like best about them is that Russell Simins, the drummer, does an amazing job with a just the barest minimum of a kit (I play a little drums myself, so drummers are what I listen to). The guy only has a floor tom, and he doesn’t do any normal, regular kind of fills. All his work comes from technique, groovy bass drum lines, lots of wonderful “sloppy” hi-hat work, and just oodles of “cool”. Neil Peart and Mike whatever from Dream Theater also have boatloads of technique and skill and their playing is impressive, but if I could play like any drummer, I think this guy has replaced John Bonham at the top of my list.

He is very good. If you like John Spencer, you might also want to check out Twenty Miles (Judah Bauer from John Spencer) or The Immortal Lee County Killers

If you get the chance to see Blues Explosion, by all means, do so. Spencer is a professional.

However, when I play any of his albums for someone for the first time, I never can blame them when they hate it. Definitely an acquired taste.

I get a lot of the same vibes from the Flaming Lips’ drummer, and I understand they have a new drummer every other week. The guy doesn’t have a huge set up and uses technique to deliver a great and different sound.