Jon Stewart gives up

One of the best Daily Show segments in a long time. Enjoy.


That explains the goatee. :wink: And yes, it was a very good segment and an easy example of why people are so frustrated with national politics.

Well that was depressing.

good segment, but yeah, more depressing than funny

OK, I guess I’m too out of touch, but what did he mean by the peanut butter comment?

You’re not out of touch. That representative that he showed yelling on the floor of the house – Anthony Weiner – shared a summer house with him some summer, probably decades ago. He briefly referenced it in the segment, but went on at length about it a few months back when Weiner was actually on the show.

For those of us outside the US, which date was it?

August 4.

Thanks. Knowing that makes the comment funny.

And if I lived in his state I would *so *vote for Weiner.

Ahh, yes; loved it.

Here in Canuckistan, we get Jon Stewart on the Comedy Network, and when I first checked there, only the August 3rd episode was up. You can understand my puzzlement…

Though the August 3rd one was pretty funny, too.

I’m not even American and that was depressing. Funny too, but depressing.

I found last night’s show (which included this segment) was markedly less funny than usual. I prefer my pessimistic hell-in-a-handbasket commentary to be more light and fluffy than that.

He acknowledged that at the end of the show. It sounded like he was pretty upset, relatively speaking, and had some trouble bringing the funny.

Is this new? Jon Stewart downing a snootful before taping?

In Canada, Comedy Central Videos are available on The Comedy Network.

And then no forwarding link.


It’s on the front page, or it was a couple hours ago. (But, again, Comedy’s site is badly designed, and most of the video WON’T LOAD…)

Yup, their player is god-awful. And I will forever hate them for leaving Hulu.

I saw most of it. While I love Jon Stewart, I hate when people think that the world is black and white. Why do we need a special bill just for 9/11 workers, especially one with a $1B price tag? (Holy shit!) Especially since the Obama Health Care plan was supposed to offer affordable health care to everyone and dispense w/ pre-existing conditions.

If there’s a loophole for foreign companies who should be paying taxes, then Congress should close the loophole. One has nothing to do with the other.

It does when republicans consistently fight bills that aren’t being paid for. This loophole fix paid for the bill.